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Deeside Summer Evening Event Programme and Summer League

All summer evening events offer courses that are suitable for novices and experienced orienteers. Registration will be from 17:30, with start times from 18:00 to 19:15 unless otherwise stated.

For details of dates, venues, access, start times etc. see the list of all Summer League events

For dates and venues of all DEE events, including Summer League events, see the full DEE events list

The following courses will be offered at most events.
Course Technical
Typical length km Comments
White very easy 1.0 - 1.9 suitable for young beginners - may not be available at all events
Yellow easy 1.5 - 2.5 suitable for beginners
Orange medium 2.5 - 3.5 suitable for adult beginners
Light Green fairly difficult 2.5 - 3.5 see rule 10 below
Short Green difficult 2.5 - 3.5 may be offered in areas where the terrain is suitable, mainly by MDOC
Green difficult 3.5 - 5.0  
Blue difficult 5.0 - 7.5 may be replaced by a 'long technical' course where the terrain is not suitable for a full blue course

Our Summer League is based on the results achieved by DEE Club Members at the Summer Evening Events.

The Summer League rules are used to calculate the league results.

Summer League Rules

  1. The Deeside Summer League (or Galoppen as it used to be called) is open to all members of Deeside Orienteering Club, including members of affiliated groups such as schools.
  2. The Summer League this year is based on the results of the Summer Evening events organised by DEE and MDOC.
  3. The following classes are available, subject to sufficient competitors. The Galoppenmeister claims the right to eliminate classes at the end of the season if there are too few competitors to make separate classes worthwhile.
The Women's Summer League Classes
Trophy Age Class Forest Course Sprint Course
Senior Ladies A W20+ Blue Long
Senior Ladies B W20+ Green Short
Junior Ladies B W18- Green Short
Senior Ladies C W20+ Short Green/Light Green Short
Junior Ladies C W18- Light Green Short
Junior Ladies D W16- Orange Orange
Junior Ladies E W14- Yellow Yellow
The Men's Summer League Classes
Trophy Age Class Forest Course Sprint Course
Senior Men A M20+ Blue Long
Junior Men A M18- Blue Long
Senior Men B M20+ Green Short
Junior Men B M18- Green Short
Senior Men C M20+ Short Green/Light Green Short
Junior Men C M18- Light Green Short
Junior Men D M16- Orange Orange
Junior Men E M14- Yellow Yellow
  • A handicapping system will be used for all competitors in the senior classes, based on the Running Speed Ratios given in Appendix B of British Orienteering Rules December 2016.

      Handicapped Time = Running Speed Ratio X Actual Time.

    Junior competitors will not at present be subject to a handicap, so their Handicapped Time will equal their Actual Time.

  • Points are awarded as follows:

    • The DEE Member in each class with the lowest Handicapped Time is awarded 100 points.
    • Other DEE Members in each class are awarded points based on the following formula:

      Points = 100 X (2- Handicapped Time / Winner's Handicapped Time)

  • A competitor must score points in at least three events in one class to be included in the final results.

  • The six best results of each competitor are used to calculate their points total at the end of the season.

  • Only people running as individuals can enter the Summer League; groups running together do not count.

  • Shadowing of juniors. If an adult is genuinely shadowing a junior, that is following at a distance to provide confidence and safety, but not in any way assisting with navigation or route choice, the junior can still count in the results. However, if the adult provides any advice or assistance during the run, that is considered coaching and the junior must be declared non-competitive.

  • To be sure that your results are included in the Summer League, you MUST ensure that you put your AGE and SEX class and your Club (i.e. DEE or affiliated school) on your entry form. The Galoppenmeister is not going to sift through the Deeside membership list trying to identify names he does not recognise!

  • For the ‘C’ classes in the Galoppen, where both Light Green and Short Green are offered, juniors should run the Light Green, but seniors must run Short Green to qualify for the Galoppen. Where only Light Green is offered, all ages will qualify on that course.

  • The winner of each class will be presented with a small trophy at a time to be decided.

  • Peter Hills, Galoppenmeister.