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Deeside Orienteering Club 2009 News Archive

NW Night League Event 3

published: 06/01/2010

Iain Bell and Darren Baker, DEE's Midnight Orienteers, ventured to Blackburn for the third event in the NW Night League. Iain did well again, and kept his first place in the M40+ class. Darren slipped down the table a bit, but there are still 3 events to go.

See the updated league table.

Next event on Saturday 30 Jan in Stockport.

YVETTE BAKER FINAL - Tilgate Country Park, 6th December 2009 - DEESIDE 2nd

published: 07/12/2009

Click here for photos of DEE runners by Pat Moody

Click here for photos of runners from all teams by Robert Lines

Congrats to our juniors who continue to generate that team spirit that makes them keen to take part in this and other competitions and this time, it has spread to the Sandbach School 'club' that contributed 5 extra runners to our team of 21 who went and did themselves proud at this year's final. The final counting 9 (+2 more who scored the same as the 9th counter) represented old (Chris Smithard) and young (Evelyn Elmes), experienced (Tom Beasant) and less so (George Farren), surprise results (Olly beating Aidan Smith) and first timers for DEE (Paul Redstone). Many lost time at one control on their runs which sometimes dropped them out of a top position (Sean, Ed and James Stops) and sometimes had no or little effect (Olly and Mike Vennard). But excellent runs by our gold standard runners and steady runs by our experienced but non-gold runners gave them the points for 2nd place behind yet another strong OD team, now on a three year running streak.

All the younger juniors of course apologise to their carers (probably mums) who had various pieces of unidentified clothing thrust at them on their return with the expectation that their mud colour would magically return to their original colour (The older juniors no doubt got told to deal with it themselves). Pride of place probably goes to Nina Jones who managed a delicate back flop on the finish line to convert her back view to a single tone of colour and to Evelyn Elmes whose back view certainly looked as though she'd been on a bike ride with no rear mudguard (I have no idea how that was achieved). Hope over experience meant that Bethan Vickery went out in a white sweat top but, despite her thorough exploration of the area, seemed to return in a fully white sweat top - so congratulations definitely due there.

Thanks are also due to SYO, appearing in their first final I think, who gave a lift to Chris and Tom and also gave Zoe a lift back. Like us, they had a stronger team for the final but Olly's win over their Aidan Smith was one factor in beating them by a mere 2 points (ie 2 positions). Without that, it would have been a tie although our 10th runner's placing would have secured 2nd anyway. Olly was 17 seconds faster to the first control and his winning margin was exactly the same but although both he and Aidan lost time at one control, Olly seemed to have the edge on most splits (Aidan beat Olly by 5 seconds at the recent British Schools Champs).With many top 10 placings this year, the rules mean that many of our runners will have to move up a course next year so we will be on the lookout for some new runners for the yellow and orange courses - and hope the final is a bit handier than 235 miles away (and that's from Cuddington!).

Deeside counters (3 tied on 7th for our 9th counter): Green: Chris Smithard 2nd, Tom Beasant 3rd, Matthew Vokes 6th. Light green: Olly Williams 1st, Paul Redstone 3rd, Helen Elmes 7th. Orange: Hannah Irvine 5th, William Bell 6th. Yellow: Mike Vennard 2nd, Evelyn Elmes and George Farren 7th. Other DEE runners not mentioned above : Kitty Jones, James Parker-Aiken, Philip Vokes and Mike Beasant (unfortunately ill on the day).

Thanks to the accompanying (but happily volunteering) parents: Mike Vokes, Pat Moody, Bob Elmes, Nigel Beasant (and me) and to the club who subsidised the trip.

Mike Smithard

Compass Sport Cup draw 2010

published: 04/12/2009

DEE have been placed in the NW heat at Watergrove, Rochdale on 24 January 2010 against MDOC, SROC, LOC and WCOC. All entries will be processed through Mike Smithard - details to follow nearer the time.

A change in the rules means that boys and girls will score separately on the Light Green and Orange courses; and up to the best 4 scores on each course can count towards the club's top 25 placings.

DEE Juniors do well in British Schools Championships

published: 22/11/2009

Congratulations to our juniors for doing well in Northumberland today:

  • Philip Vokes and Sam Pearson, 15 seconds apart in 5th and 8th in year 9
  • Olly Williams, 2nd by 5 seconds to Aidan Smith in year 10
  • Matthew Vokes and Paul Redstone, 6th and 8th in year 13

Sandbach school gained several 3rd team placings.

See the Full Results.

DEEsiders help England to Veteran Home International victory

published: 19/11/2009

Two Deesiders, Sara Campbell and Mike Smithard, helped England regain the VHI trophy from Scotland. That's certainly a record for DEEside participation in recent years. Our photo shows them modelling the very smart new-style England jackets. Not many NW members this year but the ever cheerful NW junior coach, Quentin, can be seen at far left.

Look out for more in the soon-to-be-printed DEE News.

Siân Calow writes of the accompanying Regional event:

Which mud was your favourite? Was it the thick, clay-rich chocolatey mud that made a satisfying clicking noise as you ran through it, or was it perhaps the mud with the thinner consistency that seemed extra slippy and created a load of splatter as you skidded around in it? I personally liked the sicky, clicky mud best.

Deeside News Print Date

published: 09/11/2009

by the editor of our printed edition, Nigel Beasant

Deeside News is upon us again. The print date is Sunday 22nd November. Thanks for all your contributions for the last edition and those many of you have already sent. I wait to be deluged with your articles and news items, pictures always welcome.

All contributions to Nigel Beasant () please.

DEE juniors win their Yvette Baker Trophy heat

published: 02/11/2009

Mike Smithard reports

Through wind and rain they travelled, and, if they'd taken their team manager's advice and arrived late, they would have run in sunshine. One car turned back but 12 intrepid DEE juniors made it to Doncaster to run against SYO and AIRE for the privilege (?) of going to Crawley for the final on 6th December. Incredibly all finished in the top 3 of their class - so well done to all - winning by a few points from SYO.

Full results on the SYO web site.

DEE runners in the OMM

published: 25/10/2009

Nigel Beasant and Chris Wilcox had problems on day 1 of the Medium Score, over-running their first control and later losing time with some routes that turned out to be over difficult terrain: so 44th overnight. Day 2 went like a dream, finishing a fantastic 3rd on the day for an overall 6th position (out of 290), their best KIMM/OMM result yet. Huw Lewis and Darren Baker ran consistently over the two days, finishing 45th and 49th for an overall 42nd.

Andy Robinson and partner, having entered the B but being bumped up to the A, finished 43rd.

Full results, photos, RouteGadget, podcasts, blogs, forums, and more on the OMM website.

Happy Birthday Marion Roscoe!

published: 09/10/2009

Happy Birthday to Marion Roscoe, 96 (?) today Friday 9th October!

Recent (Deeside) visitors report that Marion is as fit, bright and cheerful as ever, interested in everything going on, still growing vegetables (thanks Marion) and living on her own. Amazing! A caravan has appeared in her drive, but no, she hasn't taken that up, just storing it for a friend (it's for sale, very reasonable price).

Peter Palmer Relays 2009

published: 29/09/2009

Mike Smithard, now recovered from sleep deprivation, reports:

Another year, another Peter Palmer. Back to Sutton Park near Birmingham, 33 teams this year, about average. Dee have 2 teams but only one of the six girls from last year for various reasons, with Helen Elmes having to miss the event at the last moment, but we were lucky in finding William Bell to step in to make up a non-competitive team (you must have at least 2 girls). A change in date meant we not only lost Tom Beasant from last year's team but also Zoe Smithard who by now had gone off to uni-land. So, up stepped Olly Williams, Kitty Jones and Evelyn Elmes into our first team.

Describing their runs as 'fair', Olly and Mike sent Chris off in 2nd place several minutes behind MDOC (Alice Fellbaum). Having set precedents of losing his whole map and then half his map at the Scottish, Chris continues to improve and only lost a corner of it this time - luckily containing only one control. Taking a bearing along the bit of red line he still had, he successfully found the 'missing' control and arrived back in the lead.

Kitty Jones and Evelyn Elmes had good runs but losing ground to more experienced/older runners, leaving Matthew to maintain our position whilst hoping that the top class runners ahead of him might slip up. No luck there, so 9th overall, but 3rd place in the handicap class (average age 15) so choccies all round.

Plaudits to Ed Calow and Sam Pearson for daring to run the night legs (Sam with no night experience before) in our 2nd team. A few problems so Philip Vokes got his wish for a day leg. William and Bethan Vickery polished off legs 4 and 5, leaving Callum a 6k run around the park, back in time for a late breakfast - though no doubt he'd had one some time before as well!

Congratulations to all, especially to our new girl and night time runners - same first team next year?

See the full event results.

Insurance conditions for events

published: 19/09/2009

In order to ensure that our equipment is properly covered by our insurance policy, all Organisers need to read and abide by our insurers' Risk Management Procedures; and also to inform our insurers before any toilets, electronic controls or other equipment is left unattended (eg overnight before any event) using their Insurance Major Events Form.

Copies of both these documents, as well as further information, are available in Resources for Organisers.

Weekend of Trail-O at Daresbury
28-29 November 2009
Including British Trail-O Championships

published: 17/09/2009

Thanks to the efforts of Pete Owens (DEE) and John Kewley (MDOC), the British Trail-O Championships will be held at Daresbury on Sunday 29 November 2009. They will form the highlight of a Weekend of Trail-O at Daresbury, with Urban/Park Trail-O in Daresbury Laboratory, open to all comers, on the Saturday, and the British Championships in Daresbury Firs on the Sunday.

Not sure what Trail-O is? Click here.

John will be planning, and Pete will be organising. Alan Gartside of LVO will be Event Adviser and Controller. This team knows how to set challenges.

The Saturday Open event will be at Daresbury Laboratory. DEE and MDOC members who enjoyed Trail-O here as part of the DEE-MDOC Challenge in 2007 will tell you what fun it was. You may not have to run, but oh boy will you have to navigate.

The British Trail-O Championships in the mixed woodland of Daresbury Firs on the Sunday will have an Elite and a Standard course. Competitors on Elite may enter as either Open or Paralympic. There will be plenty of opportunity for DEE members to volunteer as helpers on both days, but especially on the Sunday when we may need some muscle to help wheelchair competitors safely negotiate the steep slope to the upper part of the Firs. Offers of help to Pete Owens () please.

Based on the Trail-O at the DEE-MDOC Challenge two years ago, this should be a fantastic weekend. Don't miss it!

Junior Inter-Regional Championships (JIRCS)
12-13 September 2009

published: 14/09/2009

Congratulations to our juniors who competed in Northern Ireland last week-end for the north west. After a disapppointing individual day for our juniors, three of our four juniors were in the same relay team on the Sunday, Chris Owens and Olly Williams finishing in the leading group after the first and second legs, with Mike Beasant running up against the M18's finally finishing fifth and top NW team at the end. The NW squad finished 2nd overall behind Scotland - well done to them.

Full results on LVO's results page

Junior Home Internationals 5-6 September 2009

published: 13/09/2009

The Ward Junior Home Internationals were held in Newborough Forest, which many DEE members will remember. No DEE runners this time, but some familiar juniors' names in the results which you will find on the Eryri web site.

Senior Home Internationals (SHI)

published: 10/09/2009

Congratulations to Chris Smithard who has been invited to run in these (M20) in Northern Ireland in October - possibly his last run in a junior class?

Grade 3 Controllers Course

published: 04/09/2009

From Angela Whitworth:

There will be a Grade Three Controllers Course for NWOA members (includes DEE) at Great Tower Windermere, on Nov 7th.

If you want to book a place on this Course, please act on the Instructions on the Flyer. There is no charge, but we need definite bookings, because the course is likely to fill up and I don't want to miss any-one out.

There is currently considerable re-organisation of Event Structure and Event Officials' Qualifications, but whatever happens, if you aren't yet a Grade 3 Controller, this Course will be the first and necessary step on the way to Greater Things. Apply now.

White Rose 2009 - Dalby Forest

published: 02/09/2009

Mike Smithard reports:

Mugaholics once more set out for the uncertain runnability of the North Yorks Moors at the Bank Holiday weekend, including Elaine Sutton and Darren Baker who had won the (dubious but no doubt welcome) honour of free entries to all events over the w/e.

A sprint race on Friday evening set off the competitions, 12 minute winning time with first blood to Chris Smithard in 3rd place - but no mug! - only a Toblerone :-( . Regional events on Sat and Sun in the surrounding forest and fields, not too bad runnability where needed with lots of depressions on Sunday.

Sat pm and a 1.2km hill race - won by Oli Johnson in about 4.5minutes with Chris 2 seconds behind! but again only Toblerone :-((.

Sat night event - 30 minute score, but shock, no DEE prize winners and Darren Baker beats night ace Jon Hateley.

Can DEE rescue the mugless situation on Sunday and Monday? Olly Williams is 5 seconds in front of Zak Field in M14, Jon H, M45, Mike S, M60 and Terry Harper, M70 are all 4th. Olly gets beaten by 13 seconds on day 2 so slips to 2nd by 8 seconds but a mug is secure! Jon, Mike and Terry Harper all win day 2 and finish 2nd, 2nd and 1st. Mal Irvine and Pat Moody also get the mug with 2nd places in M50S and W50S. Chris S hauls himself back from a bad day 1 (early start?) to finish 3rd in M21.

Monday relays and it's guess-the-best-class-to-enter time with several classes with less than 3 teams as it turns out. Mass start 60 minute score event with teams divi-ing up the controls between them and 4 controls being compulsory for everyone. Smithard family team drop Chris from last year's winning 2 parents and a child team and bring in Zoe. Chris joins up with Olly and Uncle Phil and enter ad-hoc class (no-one knows the definition of this class as no class requires teams to be from the same club - so they should be in the open class?). Bob and Pat add Mal to enter 160+ class, Elaine and Darren add Norman, and Evelyn and Hannah join up with an EBOR girl to run the M/W12 class. Everyone then scrabbles about on the ground splitting the controls up and then disappear in several directions to re-appear eventually, to finish when all 3 have returned. Much to my surprise, we return slightly before the Thornton family of MDOC and the Lewsley family (amongst others) so our family is in the mugs again. Phil wisely gives all the running to Olly and Chris so he ambles back in half the time given and they come back almost together to finish first so mugs a-plenty. Evelyn and Hannah's team also get on the podium with mugs and Toblerone to take home (or possibly partly towards it).

Mountain bike race on Mon pm but I don't think anyone has the need for that so we set off home in the heat and bright sunshine of Monday afternoon after 2 fairly cool days and a cold, a not so cold and a warm night. Another well organised and full White Rose w/e, no need to leave the campsite, all events except the night event based at the campsite and that was only 5 minutes away. Well done EBOR.

Full results here.

Veteran Home International selections

corrected: 22/08/2009

Following selection races in the spring, the England selectors have spoken. Congratulations to Sara Campbell, ranked 2nd in W40, and Mike Smithard 3rd in M60; Mike will be running as Andy Hemsted (ranked 1st) is not available.

The internationals are on the weekend of 14th/15th November 2009 in the Peak District. Saturday 14/11/09 will be at Longshaw (VHI Relays, followed by an open Score event); Sunday 15/11/09 will be at Eyam Moor (VHI Individual, followed by an open Regional event). So you can support Sara and Mike running for England, then go out and run yourself. More details nearer the time from DVO.

Scottish 100 Days

published: 20/08/2009

John Padget writes:

Day 4 of the recent Scottish 6 Days at Tentsmuir marked the 100th event since the start of this competition. The organisers marked the occasion by taking a group photograph of orienteers who had competed in all 100 events. This included Martin Cranny of DEE. [If anyone finds a link to this photo, please send the link to Bob Elmes () for inclusion in this news item.]

However another historic milestone is recorded in the following photograph of Steve O'Brien, who competed at Tentsmuir in the same Deeside O top that he used in the very first event back in 1977. We believe it has been washed in the meantime. Click on the badge to see more.

3 Days of Kempen (Belgium)

published: 19/08/2009

For some of our members, Scotland is insufficiently foreign (or maybe insufficiently warm). Some Cambells, Evanses and Edwards - the usual suspects - made their way to Limburg to compete in the 3 days of Kempen, and did not at all badly:

  • John Evans 3rd H70
  • Peter Edwards 5th H70 (beat John on Days 1 and 3)
  • Carol Evans 2nd D65
  • Nick Campbell 7th H50

Runcorn Town Park permanent orienteering course re-opened.

published: 19/08/2009

Barbara Jones writes:

Looking for something to do in the holidays? Thanks to Pete Owens for updating the map, to Robin Tilston for printing it and all the bits that go with it, and to the Ranger for wielding spade and paintbrush, the Runcorn Town Park permanent course is up and running again. There is a wheelchair / pushchair route from the ski-slope area, where you can park and buy a new map kit at the ski slope office, (price 50p), and you can even try ski-ing too! On Sunday afternoons there is also a miniature railway to take you round the park.

Alternatively you can park at the new visitor centre Phoenix Park in Castlefields, (where the old Norton Priory comprehensive school used to be.) They have a mini permanent orienteering course (thanks to Malcolm McIvor), and a fantastic playground and skate park. Mini O-course maps are free from the Ranger Bob, but he can't sell maps of the whole park. Buy from the ski-slope office, from Halton Direct Link/Tourist Info. Office in the centre of Runcorn Old Town, or from Barbara Jones on 01928 788916.

The third choice is to follow the signs to the wonderful youngster-friendly museum at Norton Priory. You can park here for free until the museum closes around tea-time. (One of the permanent course orienteering posts is in their car park, and you could pick up several more controls around this area before, after or instead of visiting the museum and walled garden.)

If none of this turns you on, how about following the signs to the Catalyst Museum in Widnes? Here you can also try the newly organised permanent course at Spike Island , which is flat and suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Maps from the Ranger Steve if he's there, or 'phone Barbara Jones beforehand on 01928 788916.

Scottish 6 day event - Perth

published: 18/08/2009

Mike Smithard reports on Tay 2009

There were rumoured to be 75 Deesiders at this year's event - about 25 were on the event campsite at Perth racecourse and, following a wet Friday before we arrived, it gradually dried out over the week as the weather was better than expected (in Perth anyway). Most were on the 'quiet' site (peace after 10pm) with the teenager element on the youth camp (peace after 11pm - ???) though strangely they seemed to be around the quiet site at tea time most days. Areas were less tough than many Scottish's with only the last day being heather and marsh. Congrats to those who put in at least 4 good runs to figure in the top 10 of their class:

  • Olly Williams - 5th(4th GB)/65 in M14 - 3rd, 4th, 9th, 9th
  • Mike Beasant - 5th/60 in M16 - 2nd, 2nd, 4th, 7th
  • Chris Owens - 6th/60 in M16 - 3rd, 5th, 5th, 6th
  • Mike Smithard - 3rd/151 in M60 - 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th
  • Terry Harper - 7th/64 in M70 - 1st, 4th, 8th, 14th

In the short courses:

  • Mal Irvine - 5th/83 in M50S - 3rd, 5th, 6th and ano
  • Clare Crocker - 3rd in W50S - 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th

Pauline Ablett, an attender of our evening events with Barbara Jones when over from NZ, was 3rd in W60L.

Chris Owens only completed 4 runs so did very well, also managing the probably unique double achievement of losing his map on day 1 and losing half (yes, half!) his map on day 6. Embarrassment (his not mine) prevents me from providing more details of how the day 1 incident unfolded/continued.

Run-in races provided some fun with several DEEsiders appearing on the fastest finishers printout (for the common run-in leg shared by all classes) each day - including Evelyn Elmes on more than one occasion! Dan Hartman won the first 5 days, day 6 not known. Chris Owens was 1 second down on one day.

Full results on the Scottish 6 Days web site.

Invitation to West Midland Relays

updated: 28/07/2009

Wrekin OC have invited DEE to enter a team (or teams) to run in the West Midlands Relays on the Long Mynd on 6th September 2009. They appolgise that teams will not be able to be competitive, but it is a lovely area and well worth the trip to Shropshire.

You can get more details from the Event Flyer, and we also have the Course Details.

All entries have to be in via Club Captains by 22 August. Mike Smithard says it's an area he hasn't been to for decades. It's nearer than BL's event on the same day so if you are interested, send your details to Mike Smithard () or see him at the Scottish. Mike is away from Friday 31st July till 15th August and will contact anyone interested on his return, so please contact him on or before 16th. He needs to know your preferred course or leg length, or complete teams if you can assemble them yourselves. Wrekin have guaranteed that they will have a team on every course - no mean feat for a small club that is doing the organising as well.

British Orienteering 'Services to Orienteering' Awards

published: 26/07/2009

Club Chairman Barry Barnes writes:

Just about every orienteer does their bit to keep the sport running, from mapping, planning, organising, controlling to posting up results or refilling the orange container. Some orienteers, though, maintain a steady commitment to their club and the sport over a long period to great effect. British Orienteering has recognised the work done by Barbara Jones and Malcolm Irvine by awarding them a certificate detailing their contributions over many years.

Photographs by Andrew Williams InspiringImages

Barbara has run enquiries at Deeside events for over 20 years and has encouraged and advised many individuals and families into taking up the sport. That's in addition to all the other jobs she does for the club, bagging and distributing Deeside News and NW Fixtures and keeping the Forestry and many other bodies on their toes over permanent course maps. In many different ways she acts like a PA to Deeside, ringing us up and saying apologetically 'have you remembered to...'

Malcolm has been involved in coaching since the early 90s and was Junior Development Officer for many years, eventually becoming the quiet engine of the Schools League, devising the format and in the last 12 years attending all but two or three Schools League events, on average acting as Planner, Controller or Organiser twice a year, and helping at the other events. Since 2003/04 he has also taken on the task of processing and producing the results, tables and statistics, and has obtained a donation from his employer to buy trophies for the Schools League Relay event. Recently Malcolm has been central to obtaining over £5000 of grants to provide the League with enough SI equipment to run electronically from this Autumn. He's a pretty good orienteer as well.

The awards were presented with all the pomp and splendour typical of the sport: at the recent Evening Event at Little Budworth the two were dragged reluctantly from their jobs for a presentation by the Deeside tunnel tent watched by a slightly bemused crowd. Certificates were presented by a nattily attired Deeside Chairman - shorts, walking boots and T shirt - before he returned to control collecting. We know how to do these things, you know.

Sandstone Trail Race helpers needed.

published: 25/07/2009

The Sandstone Trail Race is on Sunday 4 October 2009. As always, we rely on Deeside helpers to ensure a safe and enjoyable race for participants. If you will be available to help on the day, please contact Geoff Shaw () Tel. 079 19 19 19 95

DEE/MDOC Challenge

published: 22/07/2009

The DEE/MDOC Challenge will be on Saturday 19 September 2009 at Primrose Hill. We urgently need an Organiser - offers please to John Padget.

French 3 Days Plus in Fontainebleau

published: 15/07/2009

Jane Campbell reports from France:

The Campbells and Paynes completed the French 3 Days in the rocks of Fontainebleau forest in the Trois Pignons area this weekend. Messrs Campbell, Campbell and Payne were clearly enjoying les vacances although Nick Campbell raised his game to 9th place on H50 on Day 3. Meanwhile the ladies took things slightly more seriously with the following successes:

  • Sara Campbell on D40: 8th, 8th and 4th = 4th overall
  • Jane Campbell on D50: 7th, 3rd and 5th = 4th overall
  • Jean Payne on D55: 9th, 3rd, 5th = 4th overall

Well worth a look at the English version of the event - use the left-hand navigation pane to see the results, photos and some scary map fragments.

The Campbells celebrated Bastille Day by completing "The 77": that means 77 controls in 15.4km, 535m - TD 5 controls in the Fontainebleau rocks. Formidable!

And a boy from the Isle of Man had a good day too.

Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon

updated: 12/07/2009

DEE finishers in this year's SLMM were

  • Andy Robinson + ANO 18th in Bowfell
  • Nigel Beasant + Chris Wilcox 5th (and 2nd vets) in Kirkfell
  • Darren Baker + Elaine Sutton 88th in Harter Fell
  • Shane Drinkwater + Sam Drinkwater 27th in Wansfell
    Sam in his first mountain marathon at age 15!

Well done to them, and commiserations to Siân Calow who was stopped on day 1 by Bob Elmes's foot injury.

See the full results.

DEE successes at the Belgian 3 day 2009

published: 06/07/2009

Our European correspondent Jane Campbell writes:

The following Deesiders enjoyed success at the glorious Belgian 3 Day:

  • Carol Evans, D65 - 1st on Day 1, 1st on Day 2 and 1st overall after Day 3 chasing start (by 2 seconds)
  • John Evans, H70 - 2nd on Days 1 and 2 and 2nd overall after Day 3 chasing start
  • Jane Campbell, D50 - 3rd Day 1, 1st Day 2, 2nd overall after Day 3 chasing start
  • Nick Campbell, H50 - 9th overall

Peter Edwards enjoyed himself immensely!

See the full results and read more about this excellent event (beer tent at the finish).

DEE JIRCS Selections

published: 22/06/2009

Congratulations to our juniors .... selected for the NW team for the inter-regional champs in Northern Ireland in September - another day off school! Olly Williams and Philip Vokes in M14, Chris Owens M16 and Mike Beasant running up in M18. Ed Calow and Zoe Smithard are reserves. Running up is becoming a feature of NW teams with 2 W16's also running up due to their strength in depth in W16 after a couple of lean years a while back in the girls' overall team. 4 run in each age class, 2 to count. 4 relay teams, 2 to count on the Sunday.

Harvester Relay - Merthyr Common

updated: 28/06/2009

Two DEE teams took part in the B race (5 legs). DEEranged came a creditable 6th out of 33, DEEcrepit were 22nd.

Read Jon Hateley's full report, and view the full results:

An animated mass start of leg 1 makes particularly good viewing - gasp with excitement as Mike Smithard keeps up with the front of the pack; groan as Bob Elmes blunders around at the back.

And thanks to various contributors for our ever-growing photo gallery.

Springtime in Shropshire 23-25 May 2009

published: 20/06/2009

A large party of DEEsiders camped on top of a hill at Foxholes Castle just outside Bishop's Castle. The weather was lovely, the campsite survived being overrun by displaced orienteers (following the cancellation of the event camp site at Ludlow School), the views were fantastic (especially the temperature inversion that brought cloud in the valleys below us at 6am), and it was handy for rolling down the hill to sample the home brew at the Three Tuns. The juniors improved their den-building skills. Thank you Mike Smithard for finding the campsite for us.

First places went to Malcolm Irvine (M50S), Mike Smithard (M60L, after a 3-day ding-dong battle with Brian Hughes of HOC), and Terry Harper (M70L).

Podium places:

  • 2nd JM1 Andrew Giddis
  • 2nd JM4 Ollie Williams
  • 2nd JM5L Mike Beasant
  • 2nd JM5M Callum Crocker
  • 1st M50S Malcolm Irvine
  • 1st M60L Mike Smithard
  • 1st M70L Terry Harper
  • 3rd W21L Anya Crocker
  • 4th W21L Sara Campbell, running up
  • 3rd W45L Siân Calow
  • 3rd W50S Pat Moody

Lots of other DEEsiders in the full results at last.

Cheshire & Merseyside Schools League News

published: 07/06/2009

Deeside OC have been awarded a grant of £4,600 by SPORT ENGLAND towards the cost of purchasing electronic punching equipment for use in the Cheshire and Merseyside Schools Orienteering league. A grant of £1,000 has already been received from British Orienteering for the same purpose. This will mean that all events in the 2009-2010 Schools League season starting in October will benefit from electronic punching with instant time print outs at download, access to split times for all competitors and a variety of other computer aids to analyse competitors' runs.

Much more about this, and a full report on the 2008-2009 season, in the June 2009 edition of Deeside News.

We now have provisional fixture dates for the 2009-2010 season, so we are looking for officials for the events that DEE are organising. Any offers for the following roles please to Malcolm Irvine () :

Northop Horticultural College 03/10/09
Organiser, Planner, Controller, SI Coordinator
Little Budworth 05/12/09
SI co-ordinator only
Arrowe Park 27/02/10
Organiser, Planner, Controller, SI Coordinator
Colomendy (Relay) 08/05/10
Organiser, Planner, Controller, SI Coordinator

Junior Summer Tours Selections

published: 18/05/2009

Congratulations to Olly Williams and Chris Owens on being selected for the M/W14 and M/W15 summer training camps in Scotland the week before the Scottish 6 days, continuing Deeside's ever present record over the past 8 years. Commiserations to others who had hopes which were not realised.

Harvester Weekend Merthyr Common 20-21 June 2009
Club Entry

published: 16/05/2009

We are collecting names of anyone interested in taking part in the relays - this year there's an added attraction of a middle race on Sat pm nearby on an excellent wiggly brown line area. Night and day legs, TD3 to 5 in relay, back home late lunchtime Sunday probably. Names to Jon Hateley () asap please, already 9 names so you won't be alone! Details on the SWOC web site.

British Middle Distance and Open Sprint champs

published: 11/05/2009

Mike Smithard reports from Nottingham and Leicester

A small select DEE party (those with relatives that way?) travelled to the Nottingham area for a chase round Nottingham Uni and a middle distance race round 3 woods which had similarities to Royden Park, Thurstaston and part of Runcorn Town Park (the bit with lots of paths, crags and undergrowth).

Whilst the sprint race was the Elite Champs only (so only one class for men and one for women), there were 'mementos' for the winner in each age class to provide a bit of competition - but first the heats in the am settled which final you ran in in the pm, so, if someone from your class got in a higher final, that was it. Heats are seeded so everyone should have a similar chance to finish in the top 5 of each heat (for the A final), next 15 into the B final, etc.

This campus is big with lots of green open space - met David D Williams who went there 25 years ago and was surprised how little it had changed - he thought it would have been built up and the open space lost, but no. The sun shone and everyone had a good time, Chris Owens did something to his leg (but that's normal), probably so he could explain why I finished ahead of him (he lost a minute on one control really) and could only hobble as fast as I can run after that. Pete Gorvett and I had our normal battle in M60, we both made the C final and finished 2 seconds apart - first blood to me - another mug for the cupboard. Results and RouteGadget for the sprints.

Another fine day on Sunday, a very detailed map at 1:10,000 meant I had to stop to read it, 2 copies of the map on an A3 sheet as we doubled back through the area, 24 controls for me in 4.5k. Managed 10.5 m/km with only one slight overshoot whereas the Elite was won at 5.3min/km, 29 controls in 6.5k - how did he do it? Look at LEI website, RouteGadget to see the map. Chris Owens finished 3rd in M16, Chris Smithard won M20 but his only real rival in a very small field got injured and hobbled in, Pete Gorvett won this time but I made 2nd in M60. Hard luck to Olly Williams who was 1 second behind 3rd in M14. Full results on the LEI website.

Elaine Sutton wins White Rose weekend

published: 05/05/2009

Congratulations to Elaine on being DEE's first White Rose 2009 winner. She was first out of Nick Barrable's hat, and has won an all-expenses-paid trip for two to the 2009 event. We wonder if she gets a mug as well?

Triple-O Severn Report

published: 05/05/2009

His name is Smithard. Mike Smithard. Licensed to run. His latest mission report follows...

Congratulations to Chris Smithard on his 3rd place at the M20 British Champs last Sunday in the Forest of Dean. After overshooting the 2nd control to drop behind, he ran strongly through most of the course to go into the lead briefly with 1km to go but confusion over a ditch cost him 2 minutes and possible victory. Hard luck to him.

Also well done to Tom Beasant, 5th in the same race and to David Schorah, 9th in M21E, 13 minutes down on Oli Johnson and 9-11 minutes down on some of the British Squad on the 16.5km course which he completed in 110 minutes.

Best of the rest in the accompanying National event:

  • Sara Campbell - 2nd W40
  • Mike Smithard - 6th M60
  • Olly Williams - 7th M14

The four Deesiders who stayed for the score event the day after the national event were rewarded with three prizes of choccy biscuits:

  • Chris Smithard - 60 minute score winner
  • Olly Williams - 60 minute score junior winner
  • Pauline Smithard - 45 minute score veteran lady winner

He who missed out didn't mind as he couldn't have eaten them anyway!

Hot gossip from Mike Smithard

published: 27/04/2009

DEE sprint king, Norman Hall, has been at it again. A source close to the King reports that of the 900 runners at Graythwaite last week, our Norm (who gets his bus pass this year) had the fifth fastest run-in time. Not content with that, today, coming out of the bramble infested last control on Cannock Chase, he was a mere 1 second behind the fastest run-in time in 20 seconds, whilst yours truly pottered in in a crawl of 36 seconds. I am suitably ashamed.

Whilst apparently more senior members of another club get grumpy when juniors start beating them, I am very pleased to announce that Olly Williams beat me on the blue course today. My pottering at the start and finish is no excuse!! I did 'pass' him according to Splitsbrowser for a short time but his strong finish through the last few controls gave him a clear margin at the end. Well done!

We've now 9 families camping together at SINS at Foxes Castle. Others are welcome to join us. I've asked for similar start times for us all - early, late, middle on the 3 days to give us free time and morning lie-ins.

Mike Smithard

Updated event team documents

published: 22/04/2009

Thanks to Sheila Hills for updating several documents relating to Summer Evening Events in Event Resources - please make sure you are using the latest versions.

Three DEE Northern Champions

published: 21/04/2009

At the Graythwaite regional event on 19 April, 3 members of DEE became Northern Champions for 2009:

  • M75 - Brian Spoonley
  • W65 - Marian Padget
  • M18 - Mike Beasant

Congratulations to all of them.

Best value for money run of the day goes to Nigel Beasant. See LOC website for full results.

JK2009 - Freak weather hits Northumberland

published: 16/04/2009

Fleeces and waterproofs were packed for this excursion to the far north (of England) but sunhats and suncream were absent but needed for 4 days of sunshine. A chill breeze kept dehydration at bay so the fleeces were needed on occasion. We went, we saw but several of the club suffered avoidable but frustrating 'mishaps' which, for a couple of people, could have repercussions on selection matters later this year.

But not all doom and gloom! Let's focus on the bright spots both there and for the future. Well done to Olly Williams, a year on from his baptism at last year's JK, he finished 4th and 15th for a creditable 8th place in M14, gaining a championship time on the way which he needed for a good chance of selection for a summer tour. One bad control each day meant a miss out on a podium place. 14th and 9th places meant 2 championship times for Chris Owens on his way to 8th place in M16 - with Mike Beasant learning a harsh lesson on day 1 by dropping his dibber but persevering, having found it after a long search, to finish 35th and 3rd for 23rd place. A definite podium place would have been his - hard luck to him. Another great performance from Sara Campbell in W40 with 6th and 4th gaining 5th place and 2 topsy turvey classes gave us our only 2 podium places for the individual - Pat Moody with a 3rd and 9th for 2nd place on W50S and Mike Smithard with 4th and 9th for 2nd on M60L.

Relay day - a lost parking field meant bussing from Hexham so an hour's wait each way for most - but the sun was shining so well done to NEOA in dealing with the situation at short notice. Our juniors got their act together after the trials of the individual and posted a fine 2nd place on the M48- class with Mike Beasant, Olly Williams and Chris Owens keeping at the front all the way with other positions changing around them. Two new relay runners made their debut here - Evelyn Elmes and Hannah Hateley who both did well in the M/W40- class setting up a race between Philip Vokes and Sean Pickering on the 3rd leg with Philip beating Sean down the run-in. Ed Calow had another great first leg run coming back 5th for one of our teams but not far ahead of Helen Elmes. I can see some interesting junior selections next year if we all turn out there!

Our uni boys featured in the men's open and men's short for Sheffield Uni -Chris and David ran in Shuoc's first team which finished 5th in the Open and Tom ran in their Short team which finished 3rd with Tom having the fastest 3rd leg time. Our other 6 teams all finished generally in the middle of the results with Chris Calow's 9th/ /63 place on second leg in the M165, Jon Hateley's 12th /50 place on 3rd leg in the M120 and Sara's 7th place on 3rd leg in the W120 being the pick of the performances.

Top Results

Sprint race - Newcastle

  • M14 - Olly Williams - 5th,
  • M16 - Mike Beasant 6th,
  • M20 - Chris Smithard 6th, Tom Beasant - 7th
  • M21 Dave Schorah - 15th
  • W40 - Sara Campbell - 3rd,
  • M60 - Mike Smithard - 1st.


  • M21E - Dave Schorah - 18/17th - 18th
  • M20E - Tom Beasant - 6/7th - 6th, Chris Smithard - -/5th (if Chris hadn't missed a control, he would almost certainly have finished 2nd on day 1)
  • M16 - Chris Owens - 14/9th - 8th, Mike Beasant - 35/3rd - 23rd
  • M14 - Olly Williams - 4/15th - 8th
  • M50S - Mal Irvine - 5/4th - 4th
  • M55L - Chris Calow - 11/? - ?? (if Chris had been awake at the start on day 2 and not at the first control, he would have finished 12th overall and that would have been a great performance)
  • M60L - Mike Smithard - 4/9th - 2nd
  • M70L - Ron Williams - 7/24th - 14th
  • M75L - Brian Spoonley - 9/7th - 7th
  • W10A - Hannah Hateley - 4/11th - 7th
  • W12B - Evelyn Elmes - 3/5th - 4th
  • W18L - Zoe Smithard - 7/7th - 6th
  • W20L - Anya Crocker - 7/11th - 8th
  • W40L - Sara Campbell - 6/4th - 5th
  • W50S - Pat Moody - 3/9th - 2nd

Apologies if I've missed anyone. Mike Smithard

Dave Schorah wins Orient'Show in Lille

published: 07/04/2009

Congratulations to Dave Schorah (Deeside O.C. & SHUOC) on his win in the men's class at Sunday's Orientshow in Lille. Dave was always amongst the favourites having come top in 2 of the 4 qualifying races on Saturday. Then on Sunday morning he won his quarter-final and semi-final with steady controlled runs. But with just 13 seconds covering the semi- final times of the 4 finalists the final was always going to be close. Dave took an early lead but the others were tucked in behind. Butterfly loops then took the finalists each out on their own - so Dave was able to open a 75m lead by the end of butterflies. But the it was into the labyrinth - a slight hesitation plus the chance for the others to see what he was doing closed the gap significantly. However Dave then kept his nerve over the closing stages and finished with 25m over his closest pursuer. He was then presented with a large number of prizes to take back to Sheffield. He calculated he had run about 9Km and found 350 controls during the weekend!

See the full results and a description (in French) of what it's all about on the Orient'Show website.

SINS camping 23-25 May 2009

published: 04/04/2009

The event campsite at Ludlow School has been cancelled. Mike Smithard has found a campsite at Foxholes Castle, and 5 Deeside families are booking on the site for the weekend. You can see day 1 (or is it day 3?) on their panoramic view page. Other families are welcome to join them - book direct with the campsite - minimum 3 nights booking. Early booking advised.

Winter Weekend 2009

published: 17/03/2009

Mike Smithard reports:

Best hostel yet

Lovely views


Weather on the coast is always best

How old is that pile of stones?

Let the train take the strain

Finish to station? - 95 seconds downhill! (Liz)

Thanks Malcolm McI

The cat sat on the mat. The end.

My used teabag is better than yours

Eat no fat before a race

Oh dear - I don't seem to have my dibber (half way to start)

It's a social weekend, even being together in the results:

  • Caroline/Pauline/Joy (37secs)
  • Olly/Sam/Sean (6 secs)
  • Peter/Denis (5 secs)
  • Chris/Clive (3secs)

British Squad training method (don't try this at home)

  1. During week: attempt to unscrew knee during bleep test
  2. Sat am: attempt leg amputation
  3. Sat pm: hobble round training course
  4. Sat evening: play orienteetle
  5. Sun am : win race


Let's try again at Weston Heath - see if we can beat WCH and HOC.

Editorial comment: Many thanks to the Smithards - Captain Mike and MC Pauline - for a great weekend at Arnside Youth Hostel, with walks on Saturday (lead by Pete Owens and Pauline), training on Hampsfell on Saturday afternoon (planned by Malcolm McIvor), games on Saturday evening, and the Compass Sport Cup heat on Farleton Fell on Sunday morning.

British Universities Orienteering Championships 2009

published: 10/03/2009

by Mike Smithard

A close race for 2nd place saw Chris Smithard and David Schorah miss out on a top 3 finish at the BUSA champs last weekend. Scott Fraser was 5 minutes clear but Chris in 4th and David in 6th were in the chasing bunch. Tom and Chris Beasant and Rachel Findlay-Robinson were also running - Tom finishing 13th, 6th Sheffield finisher. Dave, Chris and veteran 'student' Marcus Pinker formed the SHUOC first relay team on Sunday, finishing second to Edinburgh. Dave was first student back on first leg but EUOC's second and third runners took 2 minutes each off Chris and Marcus to win comfortably.

British Orienteering Championships 2009 - more shock news

published: 03/03/2009

Mike Smithard reveals DEE's new sprint champion

For some orienteers, the only race that matters is getting the fastest run-in time. Dan Hartmann of HOC is the specialist - for instance, after 2 hours in the forest on day 1 of the O-Ringen 2008, he recorded the fastest run-in time of the 24,000 runners. Now, thanks to a special page on the BOC results, Deeside's own sprinter, Norman Hall, is revealed as a secret member of this society, recording the fastest run-in time on M60L of 29 seconds. (Dan did 23 on M20S, Mike S did 36 , but, at his age, he's worried about his hamstrings :( ) Congratulations.

Also revealed were Deesiders (other than class winners) with fastest leg times somewhere on their courses: Chris Beasant, Zoe Smithard, Chris Murphy and Anya Crocker. Lachlan had none but then it's the finish time that counts.

British Orienteering Championships 2009

published: 01/03/2009

Mike Smithard reports from the New Forest

All congratulations to Lachlan Chavasse for his emphatic win in M10A at the British last Saturday. On a far from straight forward open area, he obviously coped better than his rivals in his first (?) big event. He's been around club activities for several years and has now reached his last year in M10 so his experience obviously paid off. Well done!

Without disrespect to others, the other result that impressed was Sara Campbell's 4th place on W40. Because Sara runs W21 so often, when she could probably win her own class, her consistency and ability are not so obvious within the club but, since I've been outlasting my contemporaries and getting in the England reckoning for VHI's, Sara's name is always there on the list of 6 (2 to run, 4 reserves) on the England team sheet.

Unfortunately, Sara also just missed out on Sunday as well, anchoring our women's short relay team (with Anya Crocker and Zoe Smithard) to 4th place. 3rd was Sheffield Uni team with Rachel Findlay-Robinson on 3rd leg.

Other top places on Saturday: Chris Smithard 2nd on M20E, Matthew Vokes 1st on M18L (not elite), Terry Harper 3rd M70L, myself 3rd M60L, Mike Beasant and Chris Owens 7th and 9th respectively in M16, Mal Irvine 1st M50S.

Relays: Congratulations to our younger boys who took 3rd place on the M14 relay. Ed Calow had an 'on' day, coming back a close 4th on first leg. Philip Vokes came back 3rd which position Olly Williams kept to gain a podium place. Our M18 and women short teams just missed out, finishing 4th. Chris Smithard anchored the Sheffield Uni team to 2nd place in the Men's Open class behind SYO. Congratulations to all those teams/runners.

Full event results

NW Night League 2008-09 results

published: 28/02/2009

The results of the NW Night League are now available.

Top-3 DEE placings are

  • M18- Mike Beasant 2nd, Chris Kayley 3rd, both achieved with just one run!
  • M40+ Jon Hateley 1st (he won every event he ran in), Iain Bell 2nd.
  • W40+ Siân Calow 1st, Elaine Sutton 2nd.

Well done to them, and to the rest of the select band who take part in this activity. It really is hugely enjoyable, and not a little challenging. If any of you fancy giving it a go next year, just get in touch with one of those who already go. Ordinary orienteering kit, plus a head torch. Big head torches help; carrots are cheaper.

Compass Sport Cup heat

published: 25/02/2009

DEE are entered in the Compass Sport Cup heat at Farleton Fell on Sunday 15 March 2009, organised by SROC.

Fees are £9 senior (£2 discount for BOF members), £3 junior. Start times are 10:30-12:30. The walk to the start is about 30 minutes.

White and Yellow courses are EOD. All entries will be handled by Mike Smithard () as follows:

Members coming on the Winter Weekend at Arnside Youth Hostel

Mike will assume you want to run in the CSC, on the appropriate course for your age class, with a relatively early start time, unless you tell him otherwise.

Provided your entry in the DEE handbook has your correct SI and BOF numbers and year of birth, Mike will work out the entry without any further input from you.

If you don't want entering in the CSC, or your details in the DEE handbook are wrong, or you want to express a start time preference, please let Mike know by Tuesday 3 March.

Mike will accept payment at Saturday dinner on the Winter Weekend.

Members coming from home on the day

Please send your entry to Mike Smithard by Tuesday 3 March.

Provided your entry in the DEE handbook has your correct SI and BOF numbers and year of birth, Mike will work out the entry details without any further input from you. Mike will allocate the later start times to those coming from home, unless you tell him otherwise.

If your details in the DEE handbook are wrong, or you want to express a different start time preference, please include your correct SI and BOF numbers and year of birth with your entry to Mike.

Please send cheques to Mike Smithard, payable to Deeside Orienteering Club.

Junior Training Weekend

published: 10/02/2009

Mike Smithard, having survived it, reports on the Foxhowl weekend.

27 juniors, and a dozen adult coaches, cooks and minders, enjoyed the weekend. It started snowing at about 2.30 on Sunday - too late for one of our sledgers, Zoe, who has a painful, skinned back! - though there were plenty of snowballs whizzing around on Saturday. The bonfire was one of our more successful attempts, with Nigel getting a very scenic flaming pyramid going for our return from a shortened night walk - which included some of the worst ever (non) scary stories of all time - the burning of the book would have been a fitting end to it. The whirling dervish put in another appearance with a more dramatic performance than last year, with brother-of-whirling-dervish also giving a demo.

Well done to Zoe V and Hannah Hateley for winning the morning relay and to Hannah and Lachlan who were definitely the fastest runners during the training, though Sam was pretty speedy as well.

I hope most of the juniors learnt something and used it on Sunday - that's the idea anyway. Explore the split times and routes on the DEE web site, some good examples of comparing times for people who ran round the paths against going through, it's quite revealing and useful for the future. Draw your route on your map and see how it might have been better. What worked well - map reading, compass, distance judgement? - what mistakes did you make and, perhaps more important, how might you have realised sooner that you'd gone wrong? We all make mistakes but spotting them quickly is important. What didn't you see on the map or notice on the ground that would have helped you? [This advice applies just as much to seniors, even very seniors, as it does to juniors. Ed.]

Thanks to Pete Owens (helped by Chris Smithard) who planned the Saturday training, Jenny Beasant and Janet Vokes who did the shopping and cooking, the parents who helped with the coaching and Sonia Chavasse for helping in the evening. As they say, it's only a year till the next time!

Lost property report

Mike Smithard has:

  • 1 black hat with 'Devil May Cry' on it
  • 1 pair of child's thinsulate grey gloves

Sonia Chavasse has, retrieved from the (awfully messy) boys' dormitory:

  • 1 pair black socks, ribbed with a slightly thickened under sole area, used on the Sat as they were soaking wet - now washed
  • 1 pair grey ankle socks (probably of school origin)

A multi-striped pair of gloves were left in the lobby, as it was thought that they were there when we arrived.

The girls' dormitory was reportedly left very tidy, which amazes your web sub-editor given the presence of both said sub-editor's daughters.

Free run on an international standard course in Newborough.

published: 09/02/2009

An almost-too-good-to-be-true offer from our Chairman Barry Barnes.

You must be joking! Well, no actually. All you need to do is volunteer to help Pam and Paul Chamberlain of ERYRI run the Junior Home International at Newborough on the 5th and, if you can stay over, the 6th of September. There are only about 100 nicely behaved competitors and when you have seen them through their runs in the Individual on Saturday you can take off and appraise the course for yourself. 10 helpers are requested and two have already signed up. To plead for a chance to participate ring Pam on 01824 790671 or email Paul Chamberlain () copying Barry Barnes () .

Permission given for Hightown Dunes on 7 March 2009

published: 07/02/2009

On 7th February 2009, permission was given to run the Hightown Dunes Event on 7th March 2009. This event is the 5th Event in the 2009 Cheshire and Merseyside Schools' League. The event is hosted by MEROC.

Courses for Coaches

published: 23/01/2009

Equity in your Coaching

Held on 10/02/2009 between 6:30PM and 9:30PM at the EllesmerePort Fire Station Community Room.

Basic First Aid (3 Hours)

Held on 03/03/2009 between 6:30PM and 9:30PM at the Cheshire CountySports Club, Chester.

Equity in Your Coaching

Held on 16/03/2009 bteween 6:30PM and 9:30PM at the Ruskin Sports College, Crewe.

First Aid

Held on Monday 2nd March and Monday 9th March 2009, between 6.30PM and 9.30PM (a 6 hour course held over two Mondays) at the Coppenhall Leisure Centre, Crewe.

To book please contact Niall Mcgregor 01270 537232 or email

How to apply

All courses, except the 2-day First Aid course, are organised by the Cheshire & Warrington Sports Partnership ( and cost £25.00; this fee, and travel costs, will be paid by the Club provided we know in advance. Go to to download an application form.

Course for Controllers

The NWOA are holding a Grade 2 Controllers Course at Great Tower Wood Scout Camp near Windermere in Cumbria on Saturday 18th April, 10am to 5pm (the day before the LOC event at Graythwaite). Cost is £10.00; this fee, and travel costs, will be paid by the Club provided we know in advance. Enquiries to Angela or Dick Whitworth, 01228 535420, or e-mail or

Deeside Social Evening - details

published: 17/01/2009

The details about the Deeside Social Evening are now available. Please down load the details and get your menu selections and deposits to Jill Barnes as soon as you can or at least by the Delamere Regional on 8th February. Thanks.

Grade 3 Controller Course, 14 or 21 March 2009

published: 15/01/2009

Ian Watson of MDOC will be running a Grade 3 Controller Course at Lyme Park on 14 March or possibly 21 March. MDOC have offered places to DEE members, for a £10 contribution. The Lyme Park parking fee is an additional £4.70. If you are interested in attending, please contact Sue Birkinshaw () asap.


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