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Chris and Olly re-selected for 2017 GB squads

published: 18/12/2016

Club Captain Mike Smithard reports

Chris Smithard has retained his place in the GB Development Squad of 9 (5 men) for next year. There are a lot more people in the top level Performance Squad this time (11 (6 men)) so he may have his work cut out to get into selected teams.

Olly Williams is in the 3rd level Watch Squad for recent juniors aiming to get into Senior teams in the future.

World Schools Champs Selections

published: 12/12/2016

Congratulations to DEEsiders Anna Harris & Hannah Hateley on their selection for the England team for the World Schools Orienteering Championships in Palermo on 22-28 April 2017. Nice time of year to run in Sicily!

CompassSport Cup Final

published: 20/10/2016

DEE finished 4th in Tankersley Woods. Read Mike Smithard's full report here.

North West Night League 2015-16 Winners

published: 09/10/2016

Congratulations to Chris and Siân Calow, winners of the Men's and Women's prizes in the North West Night League 2015-16. A shining example to us all.

Terry Bolland Memorial Race

published: 25/09/2016

The Bolland family and Bowland Fell Runners are organising a Race2Remember in memory of Terry at Nicky Nook, near Scorton, Lancs on Sunday 9 October 2016. Terry was until his illness known to many DEEsiders as an active MEROC member, along with his family.

Full details of the race are here.

Graham Carter

published: 14/09/2016

We are sorry to report that Graham Carter died on 9 September 2016. Graham was a member of Deeside for many years before his stroke in 2007, and will be remembered by older members.

The funeral will be at 13:30 on Tuesday 27 September at Hamilton Street Methodist Church.

For cards etc. Jean still lives at Flat 28 Bowling Green Court, Brook Street, Chester CH1 3DP, or contact Jane Hastings () .

DEEsiders in the Lake District Mountain Trial

published: 12/09/2016

Four DEEsiders who were a bit too old for the Peter Palmers (see below) completed the Lake District Mountain Trial. They were

  • Darren Baker running Medium
  • Iain Bell running Medium
  • Will Bell running Short
  • Sian Calow running Short

Well done all of them - it's a tough event. The clue is in the name! You can see all the results here.

DEE 4th in Peter Palmer Team Relays

published: 11/09/2016

Congratulations on 4th place in the Peter Palmer Team Relays to the SleepDEEprived team:

  • Dan Weaver
  • Hannah Hateley
  • Anna Harris
  • Saskia Jones
  • Emma Weaver
  • Connor Smith

When Old Jon Hateley has recovered from driving, shepherding, waking and encouraging the team, he threatens to get round to writing a report for us.

CompassSport Cup Final 16 October in Sheffield

published: 20/08/2016

Mike Smithard writes

8 weeks to this event so happy to receive expressions of interest and expressions of regret if you can't make it. No east mids clubs in it this year but i hope anyone in that area will still be able to get to Sheffield for the event.

I know it clashes with other events like the World Orienteering Cup Final in Switzerland but I assume that might only affect 1 or 2.

I hope our new M14/12's can make it as we need you on the junior men's orange course.

DEEsiders make their mark at new Chester Parkrun

published: 03/08/2016

Mike Smithard reports...

6 weeks in and there's now 4 age class leaders from Deeside - and Pauline S knocked a whole second off her record this week. Chris S was a leader having won the first event in pouring rain but his attempt to re-gain it a few weeks later was unsuccessful by a few seconds - probably because he forgot his ticket and had to race back home to get it, arriving at the start just as they set off back the way he came. His dad was also a leader for a week or so but there's still 4, Pauline Smithard, Duncan Harris, Paul Shannon and Peter Edwards.

All about the Chester Parkrun here.

Family Orienteering Challenge at Speke Hall

published: 06/08/2016

Join us at National Trust Speke Hall on Sunday 21 August for the Family Orienteering Challenge. Your challenge is to complete a family-friendly orienteering course and 4 family sport challenges. There are 2 sessions: 11:45-13:45 and 14:40-16:30. Just turn up and register on the day.

There is an admission fee to Speke Hall (free to members) and a charge for taking part in the Family Challenge (payable on the day by all).

Full details here.

DEE successes at Croeso 2016

published: 02/08/2016

Congratulations to DEE runners winning their classes at Croeso2016

  • Anna Harris W14
  • Hannah Hateley W16
  • Malcolm Irvine M60S

Full results here.

Forestry Commission Proposals for Delamere Forest - Drop-in Session

published: 08/07/2016

Report from Barry Barnes, club Forestry Liaison

The Forestry Commission have circulated groups of forest users, including ourselves, about proposals for the forest. Barry has confirmed that the proposals relate to the whole forest. There could therefore be implications for Club activities so Barry is drawing the attenion of all members to it in case they wish to attend one of the information sessions.

Details of the information sessions are in the email we received from the Forestry Commission here.

Team Vokes win class in Saunders

published: 04/07/2016

Congratulations to Matthew and Phil Vokes on their win in the Kirkfell class of the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon at the weekend. They were almost an hour ahead of the second placed team - clear evidence that they should be running in a higher class next time!

Full results here.

Yvette Baker Trophy Final -
some fine results from a small team.
Wormley Woods, Sunday 3 July 2016

published: 04/07/2016

Club Captain Mike Smithard reports on our juniors

First appearance for a few years for DEE in the YBT final yesterday and with 9 to count out of 10 runners, a minimalist team but, out of 8 classes, DEE had 2 class winners, a 2nd and a 3rd, finishing 8th out of 12 complete teams running.

Three newcomers to the DEE club have helped resuscitate our junior section, with Jake Williams winning the Yellow course, Ethan Bryers finishing 16th in the same class and Jake's brother, Sam, having a great run on Orange but unfortunately going off-track for one control. Anna Harris won the Light Green, Hannah Hateley, 2nd on Green and Katie Wilson 3rd= on Orange. Our other runners - Dan and Emma Weaver, Connor Smith, Evelyn Elmes.

Thanks to all for making the trip south and to Kelly Wilson for arranging to borrow Weaverham HS's minibus and Jon Hateley for assisting in driving the minibus. Full results here.

DEEgenerations team win Devilla Trophy
in Harvester Relays
Cleeve Hill, Saturday/Sunday 25-26 June 2016

published: 29/06/2016

Massive congratulations to the DEEgenerations team of Jon Hateley, John Embrey, Anna Harris, Hannah Hateley and Duncan Harris on finishing 2nd out of 24 teams in the B race at the overnight Harvester Relays last weekend. They turned in a great consistent performance - 3rd, 7th, 3rd, 2nd, 5th - which won them the Devilla handicap trophy.

Full results here.

DEE team in Harvester Relays
Cleeve Hill, Saturday/Sunday 25-26 June 2016

published: 25/06/2016

Spare a thought as you settle down under your duvet for the DEE team competing in the Harvester Relays tonight. They are, in running order:

  • Jon Hateley
  • John Embrey
  • Anna Harris
  • Hannah Hateley
  • Duncan Harris

Quite a family affair then.

Also running in the longer 7-leg relay as a Loughborough University team are

  • Phil Vokes
  • Ed Calow
  • Alistair Thornton (MDOC)

Yes we know there are only 3 of them for 7 legs. That's because they are running non-competitively, with 2 of them running 2 legs each and 1 running 3 legs. Remember when you were young and foolish?

Good luck to all of them, and we hope they remember to set their alarm clocks to get them up in the middle of the night.

Full details of the Harvester here.

British Middle Distance Orienteering Championships
Leith Hill, Sunday 12 June 2016

published: 14/06/2016

Top ten placings for

  • Mike Smithard 4th M65
  • Lachlan Chavasse 7th M18
  • Duncan Harris 8th M50
  • Nick Campbell 8th M55
  • Hannah Hateley 9th W16
  • Jane Campbell 9th W55
  • Chris Smithard 10th M21
  • Jon Hateley 10th M50

British Sprint Orienteering Championships
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Saturday 11 June 2016

published: 14/06/2016

Hannah Hateley is W16 British Sprint Orienteering Champion - many congratulatons Hannah! - and Chris Smithard took the bronze medal in the Elite class.

Other top ten placings:

  • Mike Smithard 4th M65
  • Duncan Harris 5th M50
  • John Embrey 5th M55

European Championships – 21 to 28 May – Czech Republic

published: 19/05/2016

Chris Smithard is running for GBR in the Sprint race on Sunday 22nd, qualifiers in am, top 17 in each heat into ‘A’ Final at 3pm BST. Follow on

Dave Schorah was selected but has decided not to go as he has not fully regained his fitness after his injury and he has just started a new job in Nottingham with the British Speed Skating team. Congratulations to him on that.

World Cup Races - Poland

published: 19/05/2016

You can still view Chris and Dave on the live recording of the Sprint Relay available on then ‘Livestream’. At 22.30 minutes, Jess Tullie (28/1), then 25.43, end of leg 1, Chris (28/2) taking over in 15th place. At 26.48 and 32.30, running in group in places 5 - 12, 36.50 passing through spectator control. Dave’s only appearance at 47+ minutes.

Chris and Dave ran in the Sprint and Sprint Relay. Dave has missed a lot of training following his ankle injury at the end of February so was not running as fast as normal. Neither he nor Chris qualified for the top 40 in the A final in the sprint with some semi-open rough areas and an uncrossable marsh (pond) providing a slightly unusual sprint course. Chris was 13th in the B final.

Sprint relay – both ran in team 28, the 2nd GB team. Jess Tullie came back 45 secs down in 15th place. Chris caught and stayed with a large group in positions 5-12 till the spectator run-through. A hesitation and a slight dis-orientation later and he was dropped by the group so was disappointed in his run. Following his 2 races the previous day, Dave was not up to his usual form but Hollie Orr put in a good time on 4th leg. Running for the 1st team, Alice Leake repeated Hollie’s mis-fortune in the World Champs last year by taking a fall on 1st leg, initially thinking she may have broken her finger so losing contact. A fast run by Ralph Street on 3rd leg for the 1st team pulled them back past the 2nd team but they had mis-punched somewhere so were DQ’ed.

Sue Findlay-Robinson

updated: 10/05/2016

We are sorry to report that Sue Findlay-Robinson died on 4 May 2016. Many members will remember Sue and her family who were for several years members of DEE before moving back to WCH. The Club's sympathy goes to husband John and children Rhys, Rachel and Daniel.

The funeral will be held at Stafford crematorium on Thursday 19th May at 12:30pm. Donations to Cancer Research UK.

British Championships

published: 04/05/2016

Club Captain Mike Smithard reports

Congratulations to:

  • British Champion – Sara Campbell W50

Other top 10 placings:

  • Hannah Hateley 4th W16
  • John Embrey 8th M55


Congratulations to our:

  • W14- team – 3rd place
    Katie Wilson, Anna Harris, Emma Weaver
  • M50+ team – 2nd place
    Jon Hateley, John Embrey, Duncan Harris

Just missing out were:

  • W50+ team, 4th – 37 secs behind 3rd
    Liz Jackson, Jane Campbell, Sara Campbell
  • M60+ team, 4th – 7 seconds behind 3rd
    Mike Smithard, Chris Calow, Steve Ingleby
  • Men’s Short, 4th – quite a way behind 3rd
    Dan Weaver, Paul Chavasse, Lachlan Chavasse

Harvester Relays

published: 03/05/2016

Calling all DEE members

With the JK and British Relays now over, does anyone fancy another relay run ?

This year's Harvester Relay takes place on Cleeve Hill near Cheltenham on the night of Saturday 26 June.

There are 2 courses: a 5-runner team and a 7-runner team. Both start in the dark (usually around 00:00 / 01:00), with the later legs running in the dawn / light. Initial details are available here.

N.B. the date clashes with the AIRE Dales Town & Country weekend at Settle and Yockenthwaite.

If you are interested in taking part please contact John Embrey ()

Danish Sprint Champs

published: 25/04/2016

A report from Club Captain Mike Smithard

After his trip to Trondheim for 4 sprint races two weeks ago and his trip to Whitby (2nd place) and Scarborough for training last weekend, Chris Smithard went off to Denmark this weekend where he finished 3rd in the Danish Sprint Champs splitting the 2 Danish Sprint Relay Gold medallists from last year's WOC and 20 secs behind the winning Dane who was about 20th in WOC 2015. Joined up with 2 GB girls and the Polish team coach for a sprint relay on Sunday when they were the first team to finish but DQ'ed after a little mix up with the maps on a changeover.

Off to Poland this coming weekend with Dave Schorah for the first round of the World Cup - a sprint race and in the B team for the sprint relay with Hollie Orr and Alice Leake. Best of luck to both.

Changes to Summer Evening Events

published: 16/04/2016

We have made the following changes to the Summer Evening Event programme:

  • Wednesday 4 May was Delamere North, now Delamere East
  • Tuesday 17 May was Delamere East, now Delamere Pale Heights - Old Pale and Nettleford Wood

The parking for Delamere North has been badly affected by recent rains, and is unlikely to be usable. Delamere East planning is sufficiently advanced to enable us to move the event forward to 4 May, giving Chris Calow (who had planned Delamere North for 4 May) enough time to plan new courses for Pale Heights on 17 May.

Have you ever considered becoming a Nun?

published: 10/04/2016

It's that man Barnes again. No sooner has he called out the police to search for the Moss family, who failed to report to download after a recent event (see below) than he's suggesting the ladies of the club get them to a nunnery. Read on if you dare...

No, seriously, but not that sort of Nun. In the forthcoming DEEside News you will see a piece about a forest play, The Company of Wolves. It’s on the 5,6 and 7 May and you may already be going as a running or walking member of the audience.

However, they are also looking for front and back markers, known as ‘Nuns’. The explanation, from the theatre company’s website, is as follows:

‘interested in being part of the show? Burn the Curtain are looking for energetic volunteers to be running and walking Nuns in the production!

These nuns will guide the audience throughout the performance, welcoming audience members, pointing out trip hazards and handing out hot chocolate at the interval. Ideally you would be able to attend rehearsals and performances from May 4th – 7th including evenings as you will be an important part of the show. You must be physically fit enough to cover the distances involved in the performance: 2.5 miles for walkers or 4 miles for runners.

Volunteers must be 18 years or older, unless accompanied by a responsible adult. This will be a great experience for everyone involved – we hope you can join us!’

If you are interested contact

Claire Darlington
Active Forest Coordinator
Delamere Forestry Commission
Tel: 0300 067 5511
Mobile: 07968077180

The Lost Mosses of Delamere

published: 10/04/2016

Barry Barnes has been talking to the Forestry people about a possible event for DEEsiders. He writes...

You may have noticed how much wetter the forest is becoming. Much of this is a result of planning, starting with the flooding of Blakemere in the late 1990’s. In January 2010 the forestry announced:

‘An exciting new project has been launched to restore the lost Meres and Mosses on the Forestry Commission estate at Delamere Forest, near Northwich in Cheshire, which have been dry for up to 80 years. The Forestry Commission and Natural England are spearheading plans for the re-wetting of Delamere in a bid to conserve the rare natural landscape and benefit important wildlife and plant species in the region.’

There are now Woodland Trust staff based in the Delamere office, one of whom leads walks and gives talks on the project and the changes under way. She, Katie Piercy, would be happy to arrange a walk for Deesiders if there was enough interest.

A group of 20 would be ideal, and if there were many more a second group and leader could be formed. I would suggest a weekday evening walk might be suitable, especially for families? It would be around 2 hours duration. Katie could do a weekend walk if that is preferred, so I need to know the level of interest and the best time, evening or weekend. I know the Evening O Events will take up one evening a week from now until July, but in view of the long light evenings, sometime in the next couple of months would be best.

A bit of searching around on the forestry website can give more background if required. Otherwise please contact me with your expression of interest, indicating your preferred time and approx. date, evening or weekend, and the number in your party. I will then circulate full details via the Yahoo group or Mailchimp, a firm date and any cost involved.

To express your interest please contact Barry Barnes () tel. 01606 888845 as soon as possible - Barry needs to know the level of interest by mid-May at the latest.

World Cup selections for Dave and Chris

published: 01/04/2016

Many congratulations to DEEsiders Dave Schorah and Chris Smithard who have been selected to represent Great Britain in sprint at Round 1 of the 2016 World Cup, in Poland 30 April to 2 May 2016, and in Round 2 of the 2016 World Cup, which incorporates the European Orienteering Championships, in the Czech Republic 21 - 27 May.

JK2016 DEE highlights

published: 01/04/2016

Thanks to DEE News editor Jane Mockford for this analysis

JK Sprint

  • Gold for John Embrey (M55)
  • Bronze for Duncan Harris (M50)
  • 9 other top 20 places


  • Silver for Anna Harris in the Junior Competition

JK Days 2&3

  • 20 top 10 places


  • Gold for Anna Harris in Elite Junior (Anna would have been 4th in the overall Elite competition)
  • Pete Owens 10th in the Elite class

JK Relays

  • Bronze for Steve Ingleby, Duncan Harris, John Embrey (M165+)
  • 6th place for Evelyn Elmes, Anna Harris, Hannah Hateley (W48-)

After 5 races in the UK Orienteering League, DEE are now 8th overall in the club standings. In the individual competition, Hannah Hateley, Philip Vokes, Sara Campbell, John Embrey, Chris Calow, Mike Smithard and Malcolm McIvor are all in the top 10 for their age classes.

Full DEEtails of all our top 10 placings and relay results in the next edition of DEE News out in a couple of weeks.

DEEsiders are Welsh Champions

published: 09/03/2016

From our Principality correspondent Pauly-D Jones

Well done to junior Deesiders Niall Allen (M20) and Saskia Jones (W16) who are both Welsh Champions for 2016. Seren Dovey-Evans and Kitty Jones were runners-up in their respective classes, W14 and W20, on the hilly but runnable Sugarloaf courses near Abergavenny.


UKCC Level 1 Orienteering Coaching Training Courses

published: 09/03/2016

  • Tower Wood, Lake District, 22-24 of April (tutored by Derek Allison)
  • Plas y Brenin, North Wales, 17-19 June (tutored by Helena Burrows)

These courses are suitable for those wishing to coach unsupervised in private "safe" areas such as school or outdoor centre grounds, local areas and small woods (using the supplied resources, coaching cards, for the sessions).

The qualification is also relevant for those who wish to assist other, more qualified, coaches in more challenging areas, namely our group of 4 DEEsiders currently going through the training as level 2 coaches.

Full details are available on the British Orienteering training courses website.

Anyone interested in attending one of these courses should contact Pete Owens () well in advance of the course dates as we can apply for funding to cover the cost of attending the course.

British Relay Championships

updated: 03/03/2016

The British Orienteering Championships are at Brown Clee:

  • Individual Long Distance - Saturday 30 April.
    Closing date for entries at the "lower" rate 19/03/16. Enter yourself on SiEntries.

  • Relays - Sunday 1 May.
    Entries via Club Captain Mike Smithard. So far Mike has entries from Steve Ingleby, Chris Calow, Duncan and Anna Harris, Liz Jackson, Lachlan Chavasse, Connor Smith, Dan Weaver, Pauline and himself. Will others wishing to run in the relays please send their entries to Mike Smithard () by 20/03/16 so that he can draw up teams and circulate them in time for the relay entries lower-rate closing date.

  • WCH Urban at Tamworth Castle - Monday 2 May.

You can find full details of the Championships weekend and how to enter the individual championship here.

National Trust Orienteering Challenge at Lyme Park

published: 01/03/2016

On Saturday March 12th the National Trust, assisted by MDOC, are staging an Orienteering Challenge at Lyme Park.

  • 60 minute score event with optional non-orienteering challenges at some of the controls. These are tests of mental or physical dexterity and will earn extra points.
  • No previous experience of orienteering is necessary but a base level of fitness is recommended to get round the course area.
  • Prizes donated by Cotswold Outdoor, including spot prizes.
  • No parking fee for competitors - saving £7.
  • Pre-entry via Fabian4 by Saturday March 5th.
  • Limited EOD
  • Full details here.

DEE Members - Entries for CompassSport Cup Heat

published: 11/02/2016

We are hosting a CompasSport Cup heat at Bickerton on Sunday 13 March. This event is pre-entry only except for the non-competitive yellow and light green courses. If you have not already let Mike Smithard () or Barry Barnes () know that you want to run, please email both of them by next Tuesday the 16th so that Mike can draw up the draft start list before the Winter Weekend. Mike must submit the start list to the Event Secretary by 23rd.

If you want to run the non-competitive yellow or light green course, please let Barry know so he can make sure there are enough maps.

Lisbon O Meet 2016

published: 03/02/2016

Great results for Dave Schorah and Chris Smithard. Read all about it here.

JK Relays entry deadline 5 February

published: 03/02/2016

Important message to DEE members from Club Captain Mike Smithard

The JK Relays are on Monday 28 March 2016 at Storthes Hall, Huddersfield. The first closing date for entries is mid-February so please let Mike () know by Friday 5 February whether you wish to be in a team and if you have changed age class in 2016 so he can send round possible team options before the closing date.

The adult entry fee is £14 per runner; junior entries are paid by the Club.

The relay classes are:

  • JK Trophy & Women's Trophy
  • Men's & Women's Short
  • Senior Men (M120+) & Women (W120+)
  • Veteran Men (M165+) & Women (M165+)
  • Ultra-Veterans (M/W 210+)
  • Intermediate Men (M48-) & Women (W48-)
  • Junior Relay (M/W40-)
  • Mini Relay
  • Mixed Ad Hoc

The first individual closing date has passed with about 45 DEEsiders entered so far. The next individual closing date is midnight on Thursday 11 February. Mike is happy to discuss relay details with new members if they are unsure about the relays. Please contact Mike Smithard () Tel. 01244 380565.

Deeside News wins top press award for fourth year running

published: 31/01/2016

We are delighted to report that our bi-monthly printed newsletter Deeside News has received a CompassSport Newsletter Award for 2015. That's 4 years in a row. Proof that there's life in good old print media yet.

Many congratulations to editor Jane Mockford, and to all the contributors. Let's keep those articles rolling in.

Marian Roscoe 1913-2016

updated: 25/01/2016

We are sad to report that Marian Roscoe, DEE's oldest member, passed away in the early hours of Sunday 17 January, aged 102. She died peacefully in hospital after a short illness; her family were with her.

Right up to her final illness, Marian was still keenly interested in DEE friends and news and received her own special colour A4 copy of Deeside News.

Our thoughts are with Pat, John, Howard & Hilary.

Marian's funeral will take place on Friday 29 January, 1:30pm at Christ Church, Longridge. Directions available here.

All who knew Marian are most welcome to attend. Andrew and Carol Tarr have space in their car for 2 people.

ERYRI Club Championships at Bryn Alyn.

published: 04/01/2016

ERYRI invite DEE members to run in their Club Championships at Bryn Alyn North.

Event details:

  • Venue: Bryn Alyn North
  • Date: Saturday 9th Jan
  • 2 courses, roughly Green 4.5km and Light Green 3.0km.
  • Registration from 11:30, Starts from 12 till 1.
  • Parking at SJ205594, and start/finish nearby.

Please email the Organiser Ian Jones () to let him know if you're intending to go along and which course you'd like to do.


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