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Yvette Baker Trophy Heat - 13 May 2018, Newton Fell

updated: 14/05/2018

Our juniors finished in third place in the Yvette Baker Trophy qualifier in the Lakes. A great performance by our quite inexperienced team.

  1. WCOC 891 pts
  2. LOC 887 pts
  3. DEE 877 pts
  4. BL 848 pts
  5. SROC 675 pts

Congratulations to WCOC, who go through to the final. Both WCOC and LOC had a strong representation and some very experienced runners, so the close result shows how well our team performed.

Here’s to next year.........

Results here.

Lakes 5 Days 2018 Accommodation in Patterdale

updated: 25/04/2018

Booking for the remaining spaces is now open to all clubs. Come and join DEE in our comfortable accommodation, centrally placed for the Lakes 5 Days and on the doorstep for Day 2.

Full details of the hut here.

Latest availability (25/4/2018):

  • 2 places only remaining

£60 for six nights Saturday 28 July to Thursday 2 August inclusive (last event is on Friday, then drive home).

To book please contact Bob Elmes () tel. 01928 731946.

This is a mountaineering club hut with:

  • 2 dormitories: men's with 14 places, women's with 6 places. Bunk beds.
  • Kitchen with plenty of cooking facilities
  • Showers, toilets, drying room
  • Comfortable lounge with open fire

Keep Off that Zip Wire!

published: 04/01/2018

From the IOF Council minutes, Jan 2018:

32.3 Potential breach of embargoed area WOC 2018

The Event Supervisory Board (ESB) was asked for a ruling, regarding 2 athletes potentially breaching the embargoed area for WOC 2018 by using an aerial attraction (zip-line) which partially entered the area above the embargoed area.

The Council determined that the athletes had in fact breached the embargoed area by using the zip-line attraction.

Council decided that the breach of the embargoed area constituted a violation of the IOF rules and that sanctioning the athletes was appropriate.

Council also tasked the RC with reviewing and modifying the rules regarding the description of embargoed area to clarify potential non-surface breaches.

How closely did you read the t+cs when you renewed your BOF membership? Did you realise that there is now a program running quietly on your computer, monitoring your use of ‘Google Earth’? Zoom in on any embargoed area and you will be disqualified. The software is sophisticated: there is an ‘intoxication sensor’ – if your navigation around GE is too erratic, a rapid-response UKAD drug-testing team (funded by the Government) aims to be on your doorstep within two hours. In addition, the software ‘looks’ for any mobile device which communicates with your computer, embedding a hidden app within it which monitors your position using GPS tracking, so that if your flight happens to pass over a British Champs area you can look forward to a six month ban (ignorance of the flight plan is not a defence: you did sign up to this, after all).

GJN 1/4/2018

Follow the GB Orienteers

published: 27/03/2018

There's a new website On The Red Line where you can follow the GB Orienteering Squad. You can see who they are, what training they are doing (so Mike Smithard can keep tabs on Chris), what events the squad are competing in, and lots more.

Deeside OC 2018 CompassSport Cup Heat analysis

published: 14/03/2018

IF Olly Williams hadn’t been assured that he could do the Scottish Sprint Champs in Stirling on the Saturday and run in the CSC heat on the Sunday

IF Phil Vokes hadn’t happened to be home that weekend

IF Rob Normanton had been working that day

IF Duncan Harris and John Embrey hadn’t run up

IF Grace and Amy Majumdar hadn’t re-appeared once more for this event

IF Elaine Sutton hadn’t run up

IF Rebecca McCreadie had not been inspired to take up orienteering by her son and started training and agreed to run her longest course and gone back to No 13 when she realised she’d missed it out at 14

IF Maggie Hateley had not suppressed her demons about her sense of direction (she didn’t quite end up in a cupboard at work recently (like a US President?) when exiting an office) and managed just fine to get round her course

IF Emma Weaver had had a badminton match that day

IF OD’s top 3 men hadn’t been in Australia, the Lake District and running at Interland

IF OD’s 3 of 4 top women hadn’t been absent

IF OD’s top W50 hadn’t been running at Interland

IF OD had run anyone else in Women’s Open or even maybe in Men’s Open

THEN the result would have been something completely different as some comedian would have said.

Most DEE and OD runners probably went home thinking OD had won. Then … Rebecca returned triumphant from her completed run, swiftly followed by the announcement that we had gained 5 points and a clear victory by a massive deux points!

This dramatic end to the event was enabled by the absence for many reasons of possible/probable counting Deesiders Tom, Lachlan, Ed, Iain, Nigel, Richard, Paul, Jane, Hannah, Jackie, Nick, Connor, Bob, Alan, Sas, Sam, Jake, Matthew and Johnathon – not much short of a full team. We hope to welcome them all back for the final. Just have to take on FVO, LOC, SYO. BOK…………. on 21st October.

Thanks to everyone for coming,

Mike Smithard

Full results here.

Entering the CompassSport Cup Heat

updated: 22/02/2018

DEE are entered in the heat at Nesscliffe on 11 March. The Club will pay for entries, provided you enter via Mike Smithard. Please enter via Mike. Do not enter via Fabian4.

Entries to Mike Smithard () asap please. Mike would like any more names for this by this Sunday 25th February so he can prepare start lists etc.. He can take entries after this up to 3rd March but you may not have choice of start time. Do not enter on Fabian4. We are 62 so far but short of younger juniors for orange course.

Interland selection

published: 29/01/2018

Hannah Hateley has been selected to run for England in Interland 2018 in the Netherlands on 11 March 2018. Well done Hannah!

Details about the Interland competition here.

Marmot Dark Mountains successes

published: 28/01/2018

Massive congratulations to Philip Vokes, running with Alistair Thornton (MDOC), on winning the A class in this event. In case you aren't aware, it is an overnight event with a straight-line distance this year of 43.7km in the Trough of Bowland, carrying a tent and a survival shelter. Like a full mountain marathon, but run continuously in one night rather than the usual two days. Not for the faint-hearted.

Congratulations also to Siân Calow, running with Kevan Latham (SELOC) for completing their course in the C class - "only" 33.5km. Lots of others didn't complete the course.

Full details and results on the event website.

CompassSport Cup Heat

published: 21/01/2018

Event details from Club Captain Mike Smithard

The draw for the CSC heat on Sunday 11th March is here.

As requested, we are going to Nescliffe which is adjacent to the A5 west of Shrewsbury. We have competed there before, can't remember the result. I expect to be asked to submit all our entries and allocate start times en-bloc by Wrekin so, if you can make it, please let me know asap.

Entries to Mike Smithard. ()

If you have changed class or SI number from last year's membership list, please also let me know. If you want a specific start time (eg about 1130), please state. I tend to put the better runners in the seciond half of the start times but also to give families similar start times if possible. As previous years, once I have all your entries, I will assess if it would be useful to ask people to run up a class to cover shortages. I won't move anyone without their agreement. I imagine we will be short again in the younger adult classes but other clubs also sometimes have the same problem so no-one should think they may not count for the club before the results are out especially in those classes. Competitive entries will be paid for by the club.

Classes are as last year:

1 Men Open Brown
2 M20-/M40+ Short Brown
3 Womens Open+ Blue Women
4 M50+ Blue Men
5 W20-/W45+ Green Women
6 M60+ Green Men
7 M70+/W60+ Veterans Short Green
8A M18- Green
8B W18- Short green
9A M14- Orange Men
9B W14- Orange Women

Top 25 positions are summed, max of 4 counters per course number.

There is usually a non-counting yellow course. Most clubs have to run women up onto Women's Open so any lady who feels able to complete a Blue course would be especially welcome whereas everyone else is just very welcome! This is a 'club' event so it would be good to see as many as possible coming, we often have over 70 runners with up to 14 on a course. Better W/M14's also sometimes run up esp if their club is short of 16/18's.

JK Relays

published: 16/01/2018

A request from Club Captain Mike Smithard

As per my Deenews article, I think people will like to know the position well before the closing date for entries for the relays so I wish to have circulated the first draft of those interested and possible options for teams by the end of January (2nd individual closing date is towards the end of Jan).

Whilst within travelling distance on the day, the class call up times are between 0945 and 1045 if as per rules guidance, with the M/W12- class the first one. As opposed to Fri and Sat nights, Travelodges in the area are still quoting £29 - £40 for a family room for Sunday night so that is an option if you are travelling on the day for the previous days.

Please let me know asap (and by 22nd January) if you are interested with any caveats/preferences and let me know if you have changed class this year or your SI number in the 2017 membership list has changed or you are hiring an SIAir card for the weekend which you can use for 'free' in the relays. It would also be helpful if you will not be running when you normally do to let me know that. Quite a few members have changed class and we will no doubt be entering team(s) in the '210' class this year. Juniors count as M/W20's if in an 'adult' age class class so any who feels there is no junior team likely to be available for them, you may still fit in somewhere.

For new members, you are very welcome to let me know that you want to run or contact me to discuss options. There is an adhoc class which has orange and green standard legs, junior classes have yellow, orange, green legs according to age. Junior classes are M/W12- (YYY), M/W40- (OYO) (ie sum of age classes of runners has to be 40 or less), M48- and W48- (GOG). You have to be a BOF member to run in a competitive team.

The last 3 junior classes above are open to M/W20- runners.

All teams have to be entered via the club who will be paying all approved entry fees.

Thanks, Mike


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