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Photo of British medallists at WMOC Sprints by Border Liners Orienteering Club

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CompassSport Cup Heat 17 March 2019 Entries

published: 29/01/2019

Message from Club Captain Mike Smithard

Hello all


Please let me know asap that you wish to go and any preference on start time, new dibber number, new age group, who you might travel with. So I can sort our entries out and consult on start times allocated and any possible moving people between courses, I would like to know all entries by February 24th.

We have once again been allocated to the heat requested viz Sherwood Pines, organised by Nottingham OC. We went there in 2015 and qualified. Again there will be 6 teams, so 2 go through as well as SYO who always (well, nearly always, (DVO beat them one year) win their heat. So, ignoring SYO whose result does not affect qualification for the other teams, we have to finsh in the top 2 of DVO (always close), Norwich, Leicester, EBOR and ourselves.

We entered Sherwood Pines as the best guess at the best option to qualify. There are 3 heats all about the same time away so not like last year, when we went to Nesscliffe as, being nearby, we thought that would maximise our numbers as a club day out. Not sure that worked number-wise but we had the right people there! We have a couple of members who live over that way who hopefully will be available and should be able to get there as their local clubs are running.

NEW RULES - as below. Firstly following consultation on splitting the Short Green course results into 2 'courses', they have done that but in a different way to that proposed so, therefore, more people in the older age groups can now count. Still 25 to count overall.

Secondly (not below) - I'm glad to see that they have set a rule that map boxes at the start should have ALL of colour, course number and age classes on which sorts out the frustration of people taking wrong maps because not all the info is there.

Best wishes, Mike Smithard () Tel. 01244 380565


Information for Club Captains

Please find attached the draw for the Compass Sport Cup qualifying rounds to held on 17 March 2019. All clubs have been allocated to their first choice venue. This does create an imbalance of numbers at some events, but as the rounds move geographically it gives different clubs the opportunity to qualify for the Final.

Changes to Rules:

a. Course 7 Short Green is now M70+ and W60+ and remains a large course for scoring purposes (ie 100,99,98...., up to 4 to count)

b. There is a new course 10, Short Green, a small course for scoring purposes, which is M80+ W70+. (ie 100, 98, 96, 94.....up to 4 to count) This is planned as a separate course from Course 7 but can be the same as Course 8B. (Note - that's the W18- course)

c. If the organising club uses an on-line entry system, then ALL clubs in that round MUST enter ALL their runners on the system by the closing date. Changes and further entries are at the organiser's discretion but MUST be shown on the on-line system.

The Compass Sport Coordinating Group seek women members to join the Group to widen their representation. There are no meetings. The Group discusses, via email, queries by clubs, reviews the rules and is a consultation process for the Coordinator when a decision is required over contentious issues.


Welsh Champs Nash Woods, Presteigne SUnday 3 March 2019

published: 27/01/2019

The Welsh Orienteering Championships will be held at Nash Woods near Presteigne on Sunday 3 March 2019.

CompassSport Cup Heat 17 March 2019

published: 07/01/2019

Message from Club Captain Mike Smithard

Somewhere but quite far away, wherever.

Draw will be announced about 14th January but try to keep date free. Will be nearly 2 hours away from Chester but that's no furher than Cannock Chase far end. Slightly good news is that two of our (non-counting) over-populated M60+ class have matured enough to have to only run the Short Green course this year - so a 1st and 2nd please would help (you know who you are, no pressure). Not sure if a possible split of the Short Green course will be implemented yet, news on that with draw I expect.

Yvette Baker Heat, Wrekin event 20 January 2019

published: 07/01/2019

Message from Club Captain Mike Smithard

DEE juniors are running in this heat at Boreatton Park, a PGL site between Oswestry and Shrewsbury. Gets it done before the exam season starts. New format this year with competition split between 'big' (25+ juniors) and 'small' clubs similar to CSC/CST competition. Duncan Harris is co-ordinating our team (which has to be pre-entered) and has circulated details round our juniors. Any juniors running in the school league are eligible to run for us (unless their school is affiliated to another club). I imagine OD might be running here but, as they finished in top 5 last year, if they win here, the next club will qualify also for the final. Any junior (M/W18-) who hasn't already be contacted and is interested/could be persuaded, contact Duncan asap 01244 399854.


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