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SI Resources for Event Teams

This page contains a collection of useful Sport-Ident related resources for Club Events and Summer Evening Events.

Key Websites for downloading software and other information

  • This is the website for Sportident, who manufacture the Sportident hardware i.e. control stations, ecards, etc. This site contains lots of information on the specific items. It also contains download links for the control programming software such as SI Config.
  • This is Martin Stone's Sportident UK website. Martin is the UK importer of Sportident kit. The key information available here is the up-to-date BOF information on BOF members and their SI card numbers. You will need the club's password to access this.
  • This is the the page within the Sportident UK website for Autodownload, the software used to run events using Sportident. You can download the latest version from here. In order to use it you will need the club's licence code, obtainable on request from Bob Elmes () .
  • SPORTident stations BSx7/BSx8 PDF file describing SPORTident stations BSx7/BSx8 - includes a) details of information displayed in Service Mode and b) troubleshooting information.

Deeside Orienteering Club Documents

Document Link Date Owner
Photos of various items of Sportident equipment link Feb 2012
Preentries Guidelines This document has been deleted because it was very out of date
Start time allocation in a pre-entry event use the Start Time Allocation function within Autodownload

Summer Evening Event (SEE) documents
Also useful for Schools and Local Events

Please forward suggestions and feedback for further guides and documentation about our Summer Evening Events to Bob Elmes () or Sheila Hills ().

Document Link Date Owner
Computer Task List for DEE Summer Evening Events covering SI & computing tasks for planner, organiser and SI co-ordinator. link Sept 2009 Needs updating Bob Elmes
Autodownload Mini Reference for DEE Summer Evening Events link Sept 2009 Bob Elmes
SI Coordinator Checklist for Autodownload Things to check before and after an event. link April 2013 Bob Elmes
SI Coordinator Inventory What to put in your car to take to the event. link Feb 2018 Bob Elmes
Diagram of typical computer setup. 3 laptops with router, DEE-PRIMROSE as server, DEE-DELAMERE Entry by Punch for hire cards, DEE-PETTYPOOL Live Results. Shows physical layout in tunnel tent, plus connections for each laptop. link June 2010
Needs rewrite
Bob Elmes
How to set up Live Results on a slave monitor with Windows 7 link Oct 2012
Bob Elmes
Appendix to SEE organiser's guidelines covering electronic punching link Sheila Hills
Entry form link March 2017 Jane Mockford
Entry & competition notes for SEEs link Jan 2012 Sheila Hills
Entry form for schools (or other groups) for SEEs using SI link Jan 2012 Sheila Hills
DEE SI Card hire list 1
66 cards in Curver toolbox
link Sept 2018 Bob Elmes
DEE SI Card hire list 2
96 cards in flat transparent box
link Oct 2017 Bob Elmes
DEE SI Card hire list 3
20 cards in blue Schools Training Kit
link Jan 2012 Bob Elmes
DEE inter system data flows
Shows flows between systems for an event. Excludes Schools League events.
link June 2011 Bob Elmes

Schools League documents

Document Link Date Owner
Ecard hire and registration process for Schools League events.
Special hire card procedure for these events, to handle large numbers of hire cards.
link Oct 2011 Malcolm Irvine

Useful Documents From Other Clubs

  • A collection of very useful Sportident documents, collated by Robin Strain, on behalf of Scottish Orienteering Association. These include a description of use of SI Config, which is the new programming software.
  • Some useful documents prepared for the Canadian O-Champs 2007.

Useful British Orienteering Documents