Cheshire and Merseyside Schools Orienteering League

The Schools League events are open to all comers. We especially encourage Schools and other Youth and Uniform Groups to come along and get involved.

The purpose of the League is to promote the sport of Orienteering to School and Youth Groups in Cheshire and Merseyside by providing a series of Orienteering Events for a competitive Schools League.

We are always overjoyed to see at our Schools League Events family members of the School Children and all manner of newcomers and first timers. You are all very welcome to come along and to take a turn around the courses.

We design the courses and the events in this series of fixtures to be great introductions to Orienteering. We staff the events with knowledgable, helpful, experienced Orienteers so that your questions about Orienteering can be answered. This is why we tag all of the Schools League events as "Come and Try It Events" and that is exactly what we want anybody and everybody to feel that they are able to do; come and try Orienteering.

Seasoned Orienteers are also very welcome, but please note that there is not always the usual full range of technical courses. There are White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green courses available at most Schools Events. If the area is not of an adequate technical standard for a Green course, a Long course will be provided instead. If the area is of sufficents technical standard, there will be a Green course and there may even be a Blue course.

Remember the Schools League Events are ideal events for any beginners who want to "just come along and try it".

Fixtures and Results

For the 2023-24 season we plan to have 5 fixtures, starting with Arrowe Park on Saturday 30 September.

The Fixture List for the Schools League can be found on the Schools League Fixtures List Page.

The Results for the Schools League, the Individual Rankings and the Schools League Table can be found on the Schools League Results Page.