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Results for the Street Event
held at Stockton Heath 6/02/01

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Long (75 mins) Course

Position Name Club Points Penalties Total Comments
1 J Hateley DEE 210 0 210
2 L Jackson DEE 160 0 160
3 A Williams DEE 150 0 150
4 P Turner SELOC 210 100 110
5 T Martland IND 190 90 100

Short (45 mins) Course

Position Name Club Points Penalties Total Comments
1 R Hughes DEE 90 0 90
2 B Roach DEE 90 10 80
3 S Jones IND 70 0 70
4 R Smith+1 IND 100 50 50

Comments A much smaller turnout than last event saw 9 runners braving the cold (and crowded car park) to set off from the new start at Broomfields Leisure Centre (near the centre of the map), The new start location gave a fresh challenge to those of us who have run Stockton Heath before; in my case whether to venture North of the canal or not (not seemed the right decision for me).

Those new to the area soon discovered that it is not flat when struggling back up from the North end. As usual Paul's courses were challenging, in particular route choice through the path network towards the South of the map was quite tricky.

The estates are still growing rapidly and there was talk in the pub of mapping some of the new extensions ... but maybe that was just the beer.

The next event is at Runcorn (the last for this season) on 6th March. Clive Giddis is organising and I am helping with the mapping. It is a complex area with extensive path network and the added complexity of uncrossable bus lanes and expressways. It's also worth knowing that the terrain slopes upwards from the start (so you get a downhill finish !)

Details in the NW Fixtures List. I hope to see you all there.

Andrew Williams

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