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Results for the Street Event
held at Chester 10/04/01

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Long (75 mins) Course

Position Name Club Points Penalties Total Comments
1 = John Hateley DEE 120 0 120
1 = Clive Giddis DEE 120 0 120
3 Barry Chambers DEE 110 0 110  
4 = Peter Sleigh DEE 100 0 100
4 = Andrew Williams DEE 100 0 100
6 Liz Jackson DEE 90 0 90
7 = Paul Monaghan DEE 70 0 70
7 = Barry Barnes DEE 70 0 70
9 Martin Nilsen MEROC 60 0 60
10 Maggie & Hannah
DEE 40 0 40

Short (45 mins) Course

Position Name Club Points Penalties Total Comments
            No Runners

Comments Running round Chester in the daylight seems very different to our usual night events, you get a much better idea of how far you've got to run (not very motivating when Graham's course planning has tempted you to Controls somewhere near the Welsh border !) This time we experimented with a mass start from a new pub. I have no idea what the regulars thought when 10 runners streamed from the rear car park and ran off in what seemed like 10 different directions. Personally I think the mass start has some advantages as the Organiser and runners all get back to the pub together so you may see more events like this. Graham also went for a run returning just before the 75 minute deadline so I'm not at all sure what happened to the 45 minute runners !

Thanks to Graham for the 2nd time in six months for challenging courses. The next street O will be at Stockton Heath organised by Peter Sleigh, details on the web site as soon as they are finalised.

Andrew Williams

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