Pettypool Night Event, 8/12/01 Sat 08/12/01 22:44
Results created by OE2001 © Stephan Krämer 2001

Organiser's comments (Iain Bell)
It was a perfect night for the event, dry with clear skies and rather dark. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.
I would like to thank the following helpers: The Beasants (for letting me piggy back on their event and for coming to the rescue!), Clive Giddis, John Hammond, Terry Harper, Ian Jackson, Eric Pye, Pete Sleigh, Martin Smith (both the planner and his namesake) and Mike Smithard.

Controller's comments (Andrew Tarr)
It is always satisfying to control events where nothing goes wrong, especially on an area which even I can cross in any direction in well under 10 minutes. Many thanks to both planners (and organisers) for setting courses of the right length and difficulty, especially to Martin Smith, who reputedly spent 8 hours taping control sites one Friday night, finishing at 2 am! Although small, Pettypool contains plenty of different terrain, and I hope everyone enjoyed their runs. By all accounts one young orienteer enjoyed her night run so much that she may give up day events!


Orange  (13)      2.100 km   9 C           

  1   Rhys Robinson            DEE       M16      11:21  
  2   Glenys Ferguson          SROC      W50      15:43  
  3   Barry Chambers           DEE       M50      18:12  
  4   Norman Seddon            DEE       M50      19:32  
  5   Dan Wilcox + dad         DEE       M12      20:12  
  6   Sam Drinkwater + dad     PFO        M7      20:46  
  7   Rachel Robinson          DEE       W12      20:52  
  8   Gina Upex                MDOC      W40      22:08  
  9   Stuart Anders           SELOC      M18      23:07  
 10   David Schorah            DEE       M14      30:16  
 11   Marie Williams           MDOC      W21      34:20  
 12   Thomas Beasant           DEE       M12      34:58  
 13   Middlewich High School   IND                55:31  

Green  (12)       3.100 km   13 C          

  1   Martin Smith             DEE       M21      47:21  
  2   Paul Jones               DEE       M35      60:33  
  3   Janet Taylor             MDOC      W50      63:44  
  4   Anne Osborne             MDOC      W20      74:29  
  5   Ian Jackson              DEE       M21      74:33  
  6   Julie Brook              MDOC      W50     116:15  
  7   Daniel Kirschen          MDOC      M40     118:19  
  8   Robert Upex              MDOC      M18     131:52  

      Richard Hainge           MDOC      M21       mp    
      Margaret Hateley         DEE       W35       mp    
      Ben's Posse (dog)        IND                 mp    
      John Robinson            DEE       M50       mp    

Blue  (13)        4.000 km   16 C          

  1   Simon Bourne             MDOC      M21      33:07  
  2   Tim Martland             MDOC      M35      41:23  
  3   Iain Bell                DEE       M35      43:06  
  4   David Downes             WCOC      M45      47:34  
  5   Noel Schorah             DEE       M40      56:16  
  6   George Robertson         LOC       M40      58:43  
  7   John Britton             MDOC      M50      60:21  
  8   Kevan Latham            SELOC      M45      62:48  
  9   Chris Rostron            MDOC      M50      68:50  
 10   Simon Coppock            DEE       M40      68:58  
 11   Tom Gray                 PFO       M45      83:08  

      Peter Sleigh             DEE       M35       mp    
      Paul Ferguson            SROC      M50       mp