Deeside Orienteering Club
Delamere Forest Night Event
29 November 2003

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Planner's Comments - Jon Hateley

First of all, apologies for the 1:15,000 map not a great scale to try and decipher fine detail by the light of a fading torch! Unfortunately, it was all we had left in the map box. And on the subject of boxes, SportIdent box 204 decided to pack in and go for an early shower. This was control 2 on Blue and control 6 on Orange if you are puzzling over your split times.

I was delighted to see the number of youngsters who came along to participate. Many took on a fairly technical Orange course, which in retrospect perhaps I should have made a bit easier. However, everybody finished the course and there were only three retirements in total. One involved a team containing Nigel Beasant so they never stood a chance anyway!

Many thanks to Dave Bramley who came all the way up from Swindon to help with the controls and for acting as an impromptu controller.

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Organiser's Comments - Barry Barnes

Like Jon I was surprised and pleased by the number of family groups taking part; the sound of small children enjoying being frightened by the dark I assume to be quite unusual at most Night League events. The numbers were also gratifying, given the hassle of organising even such a basic C4. My thanks to Jon for his usual efficiency and appalling sense of humour, to Tim Palmer and helpers for making the computing bits work so well, and to Steve Ingleby for running the start rather longer than expected, despite being back in the forest at the crack of dawn hanging controls for Sunday's Club Champs.

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Orange  (17)   2.900 km   8 C              

    1 Maggie Hateley                  DEE       W40         39:36 
    2 Esther Logue                    WAROC     W21         45:06 
    3 Eric & Lynn Paalman             IND       Unknown     47:44 
    4 John O'Boyle                    DEE       M35         47:51 
    5 Helen Chalk                     IND       W21         48:53 
    6 Nicholas Price                  MDOC      M45         50:31 
    7 Katherine + 1 Nilsen            MEROC     W8          54:15 
    8 Nicholas Nilsen                 MEROC     M12         58:34 
    9 Stuart Anders                   SELOC     M21       1:03:31 
   10 Helen Price                     MDOC      W40       1:06:30 
   11 Rachel Findlay-Robinson         DEE       W14       1:08:24 
   12 Nicola_Anni_Vick Price_Jef      MDOC      W14       1:12:13 
   13 Charlotte Grundy                DEE       W10       1:15:24 
   14 Sally + 4 Hornby                DEE       W8        1:20:32 
   15 Ashley Kennedy                  DEE       M12       1:39:33 
   16 Hannah_Victoria Hornby_Hea      DEE       W12       1:40:38 
   17 Leslie Gordon                   MEROC     M50       2:02:17 

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Green  (9)     4.000 km   13 C             

    1 Rhys Findlay-Robinson           DEE       M18         58:51 
    2 Elizabeth Britton               MDOC      W16       1:15:20 
    3 John Robinson                   DEE       M50       1:17:59 
    4 Pete Robinson                   IND       M45       1:27:34 
    5 Stephen Richards                SELOC     M50       1:32:49 
    6 Ronald Williams                 DEE       M65       1:47:53 
    7 Sarah Green                     MDOC      W16       1:48:15 

      Andy Smith                      IND       M40            mp 
      Nigel Beasant                   DEE       M40            mp 

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Blue  (10)     5.500 km   15 C             

    1 Andrew Middleditch              DEE       M21         46:02 
    2 James Logue                     NWOC      M35         47:40 
    3 John Kewley                     SYO       M40       1:02:48 
    4 John Britton                    MDOC      M50       1:12:09 
    5 Iain Bell                       DEE       M40       1:16:14 
    6 Kevan Latham                    SELOC     M45       1:19:37 
    7 Noel Schorah                    DEE       M40       1:22:27 
    8 Chris Rostron                   MDOC      M55       1:40:45 
    9 Paul Jones                      IND       M35       1:42:35 

      Warren Mason                    MDOC      M35            mp 

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