Deeside Orienteering Club
Summer Evening Event held at Alyn Waters Country Park
Thursday 15 May 2008

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Organiser's Comments - Paul Jones

I hope you all enjoyed another pleasant evening of orienteering. Pin punching feels quaintly old fashioned now, but this area was considered vulnerable to theft/vandalism. As it turned out the only items to disappear were two signs, one of which is still in the River Alyn. Having struggled to muster enough helpers, I would like to express my appreciation to the selection of both old and new faces who kindly offered their help (and to the Controller and Planner who were both willing to muck in with whatever needed doing) which ultimately enabled the event to run smoothly.

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Planner's Comments - Mike Round

I hope that everyone enjoyed running the courses that I planned. I tried to take people to new sites on this limited area to present a bit of a challenge to those that have run here for the past 2 years, and with Noel Schorah's help, I think this was achieved. I received some good feedback from some competitors, and can only apologise to everyone for the numerous knee high nettles on some courses, but they weren't there when I initially planned the event about 2 months ago. Thanks to my wife Marion for helping to collect and put out the controls, and also to Mike and Chris Smithard who help to collect them in after the event.

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Controller's Comments - Noel Schorah

Many thanks to Paul Jones for his efficient organising of the event and to Mike Round for planning some interesting courses which made good use of the area. Although this is not the most complex of our areas, the transition from fast open to wooded and semi-open may have caught some people out.

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

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Yellow 2.3km 9 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Sandra ROWLANDS           NONE   W40    30:09
   2 Tom EVANS                 DEE    M10    30:40
   3 Evelyn ELMES              DEE    W10    33:13
   4 Nina & Saskia JONES       DEE    W10    34:36
   5 Anna PARRY                LIVC   W12    35:44
   6 Daniel LEE                LIVC   M12    36:23
   7 Tegan HOUSTON             NONE   ?      36:30
   8 Tom MARTAIN               LIVC   M12    37:05
   9 Ciara BOYLE               LIVC   W12    37:16
  10 Olivia JONES              LIVC   W12    37:28
Colour standard

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Orange 2.7km 12 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Lachlan CHAVASSE          DEE    M10    24:16
   2 Sonia CHAVASSE            DEE    W45    26:34
   3 David WILKINSON           NONE   M45    32:17
   4 Simon FEAR                DEE    M16    32:44
   5 Helen ELMES               DEE    W14    35:50
   6 Jo FEAR                   DEE    W45    37:36
   7 Naomi CHAVASSE            DEE    W12    38:20
   8 Jeff SMITH                NONE   M45    46:02
   9 Ellen BOOTH               NONE   W10    47:29
Colour standard
  10 Chris OWENS               DEE    M14    50:56
  11 Miriam WEBER              NONE   ?      51:59
  12 Sebastian ZIMAN           NONE   M10    53:35
  13 Rhian JENNINGS            LIVC   W12    60:02
  14 Alexis WONG               LIVC   W12    60:07
     Kitty JONES               DEE    W12   
     Gabi HAWKINS              LIVC   W12   
     Madeline JACKSON          LIVC   W12   

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Light Green 2.8km 14 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Debbie JOHN               NONE   W21    32:30
   2 Andrew BAKER              DEE    M40    35:54
   3 Tom BOTTOM                LIVC   M14    38:25
   4 Aaron DALZIEL             LIVC   M14    39:30
   5 Ritz RITZEMA              DEE    M60    43:23
   6 Edward CALOW              DEE    M12    45:28
   7 Sean PICKERING            DEE    M14    47:23
Colour standard
   8 Jessie EVANS              DEE    W16    51:35
   9 Rosie EVANS               DEE    W14    58:05
  10 Kean ROWLANDS             NONE   M50    60:41
  11 Hannah IRVINE             DEE    W16    65:45
  12 Paul FEAR                 DEE    M50    69:24
  13 Ian GILMARTIN             DEE    M50    92:21
  14 Ken HASTINGS              MDOC   M55    97:58

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Green 4.8km 12 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Denis MURPHY              DEE    M60    46:43
   2 Martin GREEN              MDOC   M50    48:57
   3 William STEAD             DEE    M45    51:04
   4 Graham SUTTON             DEE    M50    51:18
   5 Harry LOCK                LIVC   M40    53:04
   6 Anna NILSEN               MEROC  W50    54:14
   7 Alan MULLOCK              DEE    M60    56:32
   8 Neil MURPHY               DEE    M45    56:56
   9 John SHERWOOD             DEE    M60    57:31
  10 Pauline ABBLETT           DEE    W60    59:09
  11 Peter HILLS               DEE    M60    61:51
  12 Alan PLATTS               DEE    M50    62:00
  13 Rich JOHNSTON             NONE   M40    64:12
  14 Bob ELMES                 DEE    M60    65:16
  15 Pauline SMITHARD          DEE    W50    65:32
  16 Barry BARNES              DEE    M65    69:42
Colour standard
  17 Caroline GREGSON          DEE    W40    73:29
  18 Andrew NIELSEN            NONE   M45    73:46
  19 John WILLIAMS             POW    M65    74:43
  20 Keith MALONE              NONE   M40    83:12
  21 Keith MUTCH               POW    M65    84:21
  22 Sheila HILLS              DEE    W60    95:15

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Blue 6.2km 17 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Chris SMITHARD            DEE    M20    44:09
   2 Paul CHAVASSE             DEE    M40    50:33
   3 Simon COPPOCK             DEE    M45    53:32
   4 Pete OWENS                DEE    M45    54:50
   5 Mike SMITHARD             DEE    M55    57:14
   6 Andy ALLEN                ERYRI  M40    57:16
   7 Chris CALOW               DEE    M55    57:30
   8 Aidan CHAVASSE            DEE    M16    57:31
   9 Andy CAMPBELL             DEE    M45    62:42
  10 Mike WOODS                DEE    M50    63:06
Colour standard
  11 Steve WILSON              SROC   M21    67:15
  12 Malcolm IRVINE            DEE    M50    70:19
  13 Huw LEWIS                 DEE    M45    70:59
  14 Paul ROSS                 DEE    M50    71:57
  15 Norman HALL               DEE    M60    72:26
  16 Martin PICKERING          DEE    M40    74:47
  17 Sian CALOW                DEE    W45    78:14
     Graham NILSEN             MEROC  M50   m14, m16

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