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2.150km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Nathan Bentley and Amelia Standing HELSBY SCOUTS M14 15:18
2nd Charlotte King HESLBY SCOUTS W12 17:17
3rd George Southern DEE M14 18:16
4th Jonathon Jones HELSBY SCOUTS M14 18:38
5th Saskia Jones DEE W12 19:08
6th Billy Young and George Houghton HELSBY SCOUTS M14 20:20
7th Sam Leather CDLH M18 23:08
8th Pip Adamson and Thomas Wilson HELSBY SCOUTS M12 23:10
9th James Halliwell and Alfred Porteous HELSBY SCOUTS M12 24:25
10th= Harry Ellis and Matthew Williams HELSBY SCOUTS M12 25:33
10th= Daniel Jennings and James Houghton HELSBY SCOUTS M12 25:33
12th Elliot Craig and Bailey Paerce HELSBY SCOUTS M12 26:03
13th Alex Lewi-Booth CDLH M18 26:32
14th James May CDLH M16 27:31
15th Michael Paerce and Jacob Sterling HELSBY SCOITS M14 27:34
16th Connor Smith & Oliver Simpson IND M12 30:22
17th Joseph Proud MDOC M12 30:28
18th Hannah Proud MDOC W12 30:31
19th Marcus Parrish IND M12 31:58
20th Toby Brady IND M12 32:13
21st Sam Carr Roberts IND M10 37:08
22nd Sofia Chinea CDLH W18 42:40
23rd Abbey Davis CDLH W18 43:04
24th Will Haslam IND M12 44:09
25th Joe Shaw and Harry Ford CHS M12 45:09
26th Emily Haines and Charlotte Walker HELSBY SCOUTS W14 47:22
27th Gordon Nicoll IND M10 53:12
28th Oliver Stevenson MDOC M12 55:49
mp Ella Gibbs DEE W8  
mp Michael Phillips IND M60  
mp Michael Naismith IND M12 18:55
mp Harri Britton and Thomas Campbell HELSBY SCOUTS M12 30:34