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Sandstone Trail Race 2008 Results

Last Updated: 18/10/2008

Prizewinners for the 2008 A Race
Winner Tom Annable (MV40) Vale Royal AC 01:59:35  
Second Vincent Van Woerkom Epson Oddballs RC 02:01:48  
Third Peter Taylor Tattenhall Runners 02:01:53  
First Lady Olivia Renshaw Vale Royal AC 02:12:57 15th Overall
LV 40 Ruth Isaacs Pensby Road Runners 02:23:57 31st Overall
LV 50 Nicky Mowat Cheshire Hill Racers 02:51:38 101st Overall (New Record)
MV 40 Gary Norgrove Wrecsam Tri 02:03:42 4th Overall
MV 50 Tony Devoy Wirral AC 02:09:54 11th Overall
MV 60 Peter Roberts Buckley RC 02:29:37 44th Overall
Orienteer Phil Colville Manchester & District OC 02:19:21 23rd Overall
Team Prize Tom Annable
Dave Gough
Olivia Renshaw
Vale Royal AC 06:25:14
1st Overall
14th Overall
15th Overall
Prizewinners for the 2008 B Race
Winner George Thompson Vale Royal AC 01:09:57  
First Lady Alison Hughes Ellesmere Port RC 01:27:13 22nd Overall
LV 40 Jeanette Fox Wirral AC 01:32:35 28th Overall
LV 50 Ann-Marie Jones Altrincham District AC 01:30:36 25th Overall
MV 40 Chris Gibbs Wirral AC 01:16:20 4th Overall
MV 50 Peter Pickwell Altrincham District AC 01:15:51 3rd Overall (New Record)
MV 60 Stuart Baird Chard RRC 01:31:24 26th Overall
Team Prize Chris Gibbs
Paul Frodsham
Paul Collins
Wirral AC 04:00:48
4th Overall
5th Overall
17th Overall

Note: The team prizes have been awarded on the basis of their cumulative time and not on their race positions.

Organiser's Comments

It was my great pleasure to organise the race for this year. I owe of course a huge debt of thanks to all those who supported me in making the event a success, particularly, but without exemption to, Jill and Barry Barnes, Andrew Williams, Bob Elemes, Chris Hallows and Gwyn Thomas for the many hours pre-race day.

I could go as far as to say we had a smashing time, which I shall elaborate on later.

Feedback suggests that you enjoyed it with special comments about the way the Deesiders have organised the transport and car parking in the sun-rise hours from Delamere to Duckington and Beeston, again great thanks to the helpers in achieving this need.

The two races were held as previous years, the A race from Duckington with the B race from the extended start at Beeston which we have used in recent years. The week prior to the races produced an enormous amount of rain, which resulted in plenty of mud in certain areas culminating in runners returning looking rather bedraggled. Race day itself was in fine conditions although low mist around the Bickerton hills made the scenic views somewhat hazy.

Many stories were told of the conditions, some runners including my work colleague Bob Benson of West Cheshire had falls, Bob skating, sliding and eventually nose diving into the mud between the tall maize crops at Fishers Green, but he loved every moment.

The race could not be held without the kind permission of the Forestry Commission and the National Trust and its most helpful personnel, including Sarah Wilson, for issuing permits at Barnes Bridge, to John Street of Cheshire County Council who is the Sandstone Trail Warden and Dave Morris, National Trust who removed gates to allow the quickest of passages as key potential bottleneck locations (apologies to Dave and John for the lack of speed in removing signs- lessons learnt!).

To the St John's ambulance service that attended and thankfully had only one minor injury to treat, but without their kind attendance the race could not be safely run.

To Robin Latham who allows the race to pass over his private land (whilst dodging horses) such that competitors have a safe passage at Kelsall into Delamere Forest.

To Peter Bull for allowing the start at Beeston, again in private land, and to the staff at Beeston Castle who allowed you to use their facilities prior to the B race start.

I must also thank all of the marshals and officials that dedicated their time to ensure that your safety was paramount at the road crossings and in the transport, parking and finish facilities. I have written to all of the team thanking them of their time I'm sure that you also appreciated their dedication to the success of the races.

And thanks of course to you as participants. Both races almost reached the race limits of 190 per race. Perhaps due to the conditions, a lack of preparation or injury we had an expected number of non-starters. However for those who did start we had only one competitor in each race that did not complete the course. The intermediate timing that we requested all competitors to use was extremely helpful in locating the position of you all, so we will encourage the use of this in the future. We also received positive comment on the intermediate times, which added to the race atmosphere. For me, the special lump in throat moment, was when Becki Warwick finished the A race, although in final position Becki crossed the line to a rapture of applause from the awaiting officials for her perseverance and determination to achieve her goal; a lesson for us all.

This year's A race winner was Tom Annable of Vale Royal AC who completed the course in 1.59.35, a tremendous achievement. Tom takes the title from Glen Groves who won the race in the two previous years, but was injured for this year. Glen tells me he will be back next year to attempt to retrieve his title. Vincent Van Woerman was second with Peter Taylor finishing third. First lady was Oliva Renshaw with the age categories being awarded to Ruth Isaacs, first LV40, Nicky Mowat, first LV50, Gary Norgrove first MV40, Tony Devoy, first MV50 and Peter Roberts, first MV60- well done to you all. The first orienteer member was Phil Colville and the team prize went to Vale Royal with its three qualifying competitors of Tom Annable, Dave Gough and Oliva Renshaw.

The B race was won by George Thompson, again of Vale Royal AC, in a time of 1.09.57. The first lady was Alison Hughes with the age categories being awarded to: Jeanette Fox, first LV40, Ann-Marie Jones, first LV50, Chris Gibbs, first MV40, Peter Pickwell first MV50 and Stuart Baird first MV60. The team prize went to Wirral AC with its qualifying competitors of my esteemed friend Paul Frodsham, Chris Gibbs and Paul Collins.

All other positions can be found by following the links below:

So on to the prize-giving, a slightly hectic affair in cool conditions. The desire to present the prizes quickly was in hindsight tackled too quickly in an attempt to ensure that competitors didn't have to wait too long... Where's the table?... who has won what?... put the engraved glassware on the table... and clearly identify each category of prize. All was going so well... then smash... the table, kindly loaned by Barry and Jill Barnes, which was erected by myself, could carry no more weight in its poorly assembled state. The glassware hit the ground with a thud bouncing and dropping in pieces. **** was the cry... what remains? Tim and Bob calmly removed the broken pieces of which there were only 5. So the unfortunate victors of certain categories: Oliva Renshaw first race A lady; Ruth Isaacs first LV40; George Thompson race B winner, Alison Hughes first race B lady and Jeanette Fox first LV40 departed with only a handshake, but with the promise of replacements in due course.

The results were issued and corrected to what we now have on this site, which has been kindly prepared by Andrew and friends.

Finally, I do hope that you enjoyed the day despite poor conditions and that you will join us next year, which I hope will be the first Sunday of October, given all necessary permissions. If you have any comments on the day I would be pleased to receive them.

With kind regards and thank you all again

Geoff Shaw
079 19 19 19 95

Memories from the Race

Photographs by Andrew Williams.

Photographs by John Street.

Hint: click on any one of the above thumb nails to reveal the slideshow and then use the right-arrow key (or hover your mouse in rhs of photo) for the next picture, left-arrow key (or hover your mouse in lhs of photo) for the previous picture and Esc key (or click the close button) to stop the slideshow.